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Robert H. Brooks Sports Science Institute

Brooks Faculty Fellows

Faculty who conduct research, teach sports-related courses, or provide service to the sports industry are invited to formerly affiliate with the institute as Brooks Faculty Fellows. Along with the four Legacy Professors, these faculty constitute the institute’s Board of Faculty. Fellows are appointed for three-year terms, renewable if faculty members remain actively engaged in the mission of the institute.

Arthur Banning


Associate Professor, Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

Arthur-Banning’s primary research interests involve amateur sport and, specifically, sport development. Lately, he has focused his work on adaptive sport and rehabilitation as well as sportsmanship, ethical behavior, and military sport programming. He is co-author of the textbook Recreational Sport: Program Design, Delivery and Management and has edited two more books on youth sport and the global influence of sports. Read more.


Greg Batt

Associate Professor, Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences

Batt teaches and conducts research in the area of packaging dynamics and serves as the Packaging Science Program Director. He directs the Clemson Package Dynamics Laboratory and co-directs the Clemson Headgear Impact Performance (CHIP) Laboratory. Batt has a joint appointment in Bioengineering and has collaborated with Dr. John DesJardins on three Robert H. Brooks Sport Science Institute funded research projects. These project include the U.S. Patented “Method and apparatus for non-destructive measurement of faceguard structural stiffness” for football faceguards, a bull rider helmet test method development, and most recently the head impact mechanics of cadaveric specimens. Read more.



Professor, Automotive Engineering

Brooks works with an interdisciplinary team that uses driving simulators to study the impact of concussions on the driving capabilities of high school and college athletes. She also uses driving simulators and instrumented vehicles to develop rehabilitation tools for clinical settings. Read more.

deborah cadorette


Principal Lecturer & Coordinator, Athletic Leadership

Athletic Leadership is an emerging new discipline in the area of sport science and educational athletics. Study and research are based on the National Standards for Sport Coaches (NASPE 2006). Cadorette’s current interest is supporting positive environments for student-athletes, and professional development of interscholastic athletic coaches throughout the U.S. Cadorette currently collaborates with the National Federation of High Schools to provide Clemson students an opportunity to become Certified Interscholastic Athletic Coaches. Read more.

Gregory Cranmer


Associate Professor, Sports Communication

Cranmer’s research focuses on creating beneficial and stimulating experiences for high school and collegiate student-athletes through investigating effective coaching practices, assisting in student-athletes’ socialization into collegiate athletics, and promoting health and developmental outcomes. Read more.

Amanda Fine


Principal Lecturer, Marketing

Fine teaches courses on sports marketing, and her students implement the annual Tiger Paw Classic golf tournament benefiting a nonprofit selected by the sales students. She previously worked in marketing for Clemson Tiger Sports Properties, the Atlanta Braves, and Atlanta Spirit, parent company of the Atlanta Thrashers and Atlanta Hawks. Read more.

Michael Godfrey


Senior Lecturer, Education and Organization Leadership Development

Godfrey’s research explores athletic experience and performance; student athlete development; and leadership development in intercollegiate athletics with a focus on the impact of ethics and diversity on team culture and performance. He is the graduate program coordinator of the Master of Science degree in Athletic Leadership. Read more.

Ashlyn Hardie


Assistant Professor, Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management

Hardie has an interdisciplinary background, including a B.S. in Sport Management, Master's in Business Administration (M.B.A.),and a Ph.D. in Kinesiology (Emphasis in Sport Management). After participating as a collegiate athlete, Hardie went on to coach collegiate men and women's soccer before pursuing a career in the international sport for development and peace sector (SDP). Her research interests are well aligned with her lifelong dedication and love for sport and physical activity, as well as her passion for creating more equitable and accessible sport spaces. Hardie's research focuses primarily on cross-cultural and cross-sectoral exchanges in SDP, building sustainable programs and partnerships, using sport for positive social change, and empowering women in and through sport. Read more.



Assistant Professor, Communication

Harrison's research centers around the ways organizations can build better, more supportive relationships with key stakeholders. She is particularly interested in how stewardship can create ethical dialogue in different organizational settings (nonprofit, sports, corporations). Her work also examines the impact of corporate social responsibility communication and athlete activism on fan support for prosocial causes. Read more.



Assistant Professor, Communication

Rey’s research examines health-related issues within sports including injury reporting, concussion management, athlete mental-health and well-being, and athlete-coach relationships. Specifically, she uses mixed-methods to focus on message design as it pertains to strategic communication and campaigns. Rey has an extensive background with experience as a former D1 college student-athlete, professional photographer, social media director, and high-level youth soccer coach. Read more.

Sarah Stokowski


Assistant Professor, Athletic Leadership

Stokowski currently serves as an associate professor of Athletic Leadership at Clemson University. She studies college athlete development specializing in personal development literacies (e.g., career maturity, athlete identity, athlete transition). She is the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Athlete Development and Experience (JADE). Throughout her tenure, Stokowski has authored or co-authored more than 100 referred publications. Additionally, she has secured more than $350,000 in grants and gifts, including the 2018-2021 NCAA CHOICES grant. Recently, Sarah received the AERA Early-Career Award in Education and Sport. Before joining the Athletic Leadership program at Clemson, Stokowski spent six years as at the University of Arkansas, earning teaching awards at both the departmental and college levels. Read more.

Jasmine Townsend


Associate Professor, Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

Townsend is a Certified Recreational Therapy Specialist and Certified Adaptive Recreation and Sport Specialist with 10 years of practice in these fields. She has worked primarily with individuals with physical disabilities during this time, helping them to reach their full potential and quality of life through participation in sport and recreation. Her primary research area is focused on examining the outcomes of participation in recreation and sport for individuals with various disabilities, with her most recent work exploring attitudes towards individuals with disabilities, as well as understanding the transformative power of adaptive sport. Read more.

Erica Walker


Associate Professor, Graphic Communications

Walker has a diverse background in visual communications spanning feature film production, photography, web design & development, marketing, and visual machine learning. As a faculty member in the Department of Graphic Communications at Clemson University, Walker has taught courses in photography, video, web development, and entrepreneurship. Read more.

Qilun Zhu


Research Associate Professor, Department of Automotive Engineering

Zhu's research is centered on the optimal control and estimation of automotive powertrain components and systems. Gaining insights from industry challenges and through experimental demonstrations of innovative solutions, Zhu has cultivated a robust research portfolio in the control of advanced engines and thermal energy conversion devices. His developments in this area, including high-speed real-time optimization algorithms, chemical kinetics modeling, and the management of thermal and distributed parameter systems, have laid the groundwork for his current forays into powertrain electrification and mobility integration. Zhu’s research group also utilizes control as a mathematical tool to integrate cross-domain technologies, a critical component in advancing propulsion technologies for future mobility. Read more.

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