Health Rocks!®

Health Rocks!® is a healthy lifestyle program based on decision making and appropriate health knowledge. The curriculum is designed to reduce tobacco, alcohol, and drug use among young people. The curriculum has been aligned with the South Carolina Health Standards. The Health Rocks!® Curriculum focuses on three general areas:

1) All about meHealth Rocks! Logo

  • Learn how drugs affect behavior and the health consequences of drug use
  • Learn and practice decision-making skills
  • Understand stress and learn how to relieve it

2) What influences me?

  • Learn skills to resist risky behaviors
  • Learn how family, peers, media, and technology influence choices

3) Taking it beyond me

  • Share the message with the community
  • Commit to and celebrate being drug-free

After Health Rocks!® youth reported:

  • 95% of youth reported that they could help other teens resist alcohol and drugs
  • 89% disapprove of risky behaviors
  • 96% disapprove underage tobacco use
  • 97% express intent to pursue healthy behaviors and avoid risky behaviors
  • 96% intend to avoid underage tobacco use
  • 86% demonstrated possible health-related behavior change
High school students can be utilized to help implement the program. One way is through the use of Teacher Cadets to teach the classes.