Youth Beef Cattle Program

Market Steer Project

The South Carolina Market Steer Project is an educational livestock project that teaches youth not only how to care for, train, and show beef steers but also helps develop valuable life skills. In 2016, the market steer project put $23,000 back into our youth’s pockets. An average over $2,000 per youth. This is an excellent project for your livestock clubs to look into.

If any youth are interested but do not have access to a steer, please let me know. As long as they have the ability and facilities to care for a beef animal, we can reach out to our project supporters to obtain an animal for those who are interested. 

2018 Market Steer Project Handbook

2018 Market Steer Project Application

Marketing Your Animal from University of Florida
Writing Better Buyer's Letters by Al De Antoni

Market Steer

Record Books

SC 4-H Beef Record Book - Cloverbud Division (Ages 5-8)

SC 4-H Beef Record Book - Junior Division (Ages 9-13)

SC 4-H Beef Record Book - Senior Division (Ages 14-18)

Curriculum Resources

National 4-H Curriculum: Beef Cattle
Oklahoma State University: Breeds of Beef Cattle

Beef Related Scholarships

South Carolina Cattlemen's Foundation Scholarship
South Carolina State Fair (Farm Bureau) Beef Scholarship 


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