Youth Swine Program


Swine Enteric Coronavirus Diseases
Infections with swine enteric coronavirus diseases (SECD) since spring of 2013 have caused devastating losses to the US swine industry. Much remains to be learned about these diseases but progress has been made. Putting biosecurity protocols in place cannot completely eliminate the risk of these diseases for your animals but can greatly reduce it. Read the handout from Clemson Livestock Poultry Health, for more information about this disease and how to prevent it.

State Barrow Project

The 2018 Barrow Project will offer 2 options for this year's project. Youth may choose to:

  1. Provide their own barrow(s)
  2. Draw from our lottery of pigs on the day of the SC 4-H Barrow Project Kick-off. Youth may choose to draw up to 2 pigs (a light weight and a heavy weigh).
  3. Participate in both option #1 and option #2

Cost will be:

  • Lottery Pig: $85 per pig
  • Non-Lottery-Youth has their own pig: $10 per pig

Important Project Dates:

  • June 8, 2018- Project application deadline
  • June 29, 2018- Project Kick-Off Weigh In and Tagging
  • July 1- September 1- State Fair regular registration
  • September 2- September 22- State Fair late registration (late fee applies)
  • October 16, 2018- State Fair Barrow Show

Click here for the project handbook!

Click here for the project application!

Record Books

SC 4-H Swine Record Book- Cloverbud Division (Ages 5-8)

SC 4-H Swine Record Book- Junior Division (Ages 9-13)

SC 4-H Swine Record Book- Senior Division (Ages 14-18)

Curriculum Resources

National 4-H Curriculum: Swine
Oklahoma State University: Breeds of Swine 


National Pork Board