Leadership & Civic Engagement

2018-19 South Carolina 4-H Teen Council

Civic Engagement

This program is designed to engage youth in changing a piece of the public world, help them discover the possibilities of democratic civic engagement, and build a commitment to taking action in new and exciting ways. Special Civic Engagement Opportunities.


The youth will practice and gain confidence in communicating in a variety of situations. They will learn to present oral reasons, plan and present speeches, communicate assertively, practice making a good first impression, critique information, and mentor one another.  Special Communication Opportunities. 


The youth will share in the fun as they learn the dynamic process of leadership. Interactive activities teach relationship building, communication, group process, planning, and organizing. All activities teach a cross-cultural perspective. Special Leadership Opportunities.

Service Learning

Youth learn to identify community needs, plan, and execute a service project. Activities, like community mapping, engage youth in their communities while allowing them to reflect upon their experiences.

Workforce Preparation

This program sets the stage for youth to develop the skills they need for workplace success. Designed to help youth explore what it takes to get their first paying job. Activities reinforce and extend learning, emphasizing personal qualities, working with others, and thinking skills.