South Carolina 4-H Military Partnership

South Carolina 4-H Military Partnership

For Army National Guard Families: Get your youth involved with the State Child & Youth Program! Contact a Child & Youth Program Coordinator (or the State Family Program Director) near you to check out the program offerings and activities they can participate in, visit: and click on "Contact your local State Family Program Director, Airman & Family Readiness Program Manager, Family Readiness Support Assistant, Family Assistance Specialist or Child & Youth Program Coordinator" at the bottom of the page, then choose your state, for assistance in connecting with your Child & Youth Program Coordinator.

For Army Reserve Families: Get your youth involved with a Command Child, Youth, School Service Program! Contact a Command CYSS specialist near you to check out the program offerings and activities they can participate in go to or Fort Family Support & Outreach Center at 1-866-345-8248 for assistance in connecting with CYSS specialist.Air force works with Teen CERT

You may also visit the 4-H Military Partnership website at: 

South Carolina 4-H Military Partnership is designated to provide support to the children and youth of families that are impacted by global contingency operations.  This includes those served by Army installations, Air Force, Navy, and Marine bases, and those families, children, and youth who are geographically dispersed.

Building upon their past collaboration to support youth development programs, 4-H and its military partners are now placing special emphasis on the children and youth of National Guard and Reserve Solders.

Many National Guard and Reserves children do not view themselves as 'military' until their parent's deployment.  Their parent have a civilian job and is a citizen soldier with a commitment to the military and our country. The situation created by a deployment places unique stress on the youth and their families.

Working together we can all have a strong impact on military families in our own backyard by:

  • Creating community support networks for military youth “in our own backyard” when military parents are deployed.

  • Promoting awareness of the public on the impact of the deployment cycle on military, families, kids and the community as a whole.

  • Supporting military kids coping with the stress of knowing their deployed parents may be in harms way.

  • Collaborating with schools to ensure that staff is attuned to the unique needs of military students.

  • Delivering educational, recreational and social programs for military youth living in civilian communities. Becomes a part of the ongoing deployment support services for military children and youth.

  • Building community capacity to support geographically dispersed military families and children.


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