South Carolina: Military Kid Volunteers

Click here for the Volunteer Form and here for Clemson University's Consent for a Background Check Form. Once filled out, you may email both forms to Sharon Lone.

Through South Carolina: Military Kids Volunteers Can:

  • Organize special events to acknowledge the sacrifices that soldiers and their families, especially military kids, are making on behalf of their community and their nation.

  • Serve as tutors for military kids while soldier parents are deployed.Drill instructor works as a mentor on rockets

  • Give military kids an occasional break from the additional home responsibilities - preparing family meals, struggling with household repairs, coming straight home from school and babysitting younger siblings - they have assumed in the absence of a parent(s).

  • Become mentors for military kids coping with the stress of knowing their deployed soldier parents may be in harm's way.

  • Compile and distribute "Hero Packs" and other items that recognize military kids as "every day home front heroes".

  • Make SC: Military Kids a part of ongoing community life in locations where there are children and youth of citizen soldiers.

Through South Carolina: Military Kids Schools Can:

  • Help create academic, social and emotional support networks for students affected by military deployments.

  • Provide professional development opportunities for counselors and teachers to become aware of the stresses military children are facing as a result of the Global War on Terrorism.

  • Use community and military resources to connect students and their families with helpful people and organizations in their hometown.

  • Communicate with parents who are deployed and help them stay connected with their children's educational progress.

  • Make SC: Military Kids an integral part of school plans and programs when and where the needs arise.

  • Using the STEM Lab, SCMK can support Military Youth in after school programs.

  • Write letters for HERO Packs