Agricultural Samples

Abbeville County residents have three options to submit agricultural samples:

    1. Scheduled Drop-off
      • Sample and payment left under covered outdoor kitchen area and notification of deposit to CC. Payment left with sample or processed via invoice or Clover system
      • Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    2. Sample Pick-up
      • Pre-pay online, prepay via Clover system, pay by phone, pay by invoice
      • On demand
    3. Direct to Lab

Additional information:

Samples will be accepted at covered outdoor area on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Upon client leaving sample, and potentially payment, client will contact county coordinator who will be inside office facility who will then assist with online payment or invoice. County coordinator will then collect samples and process accordingly. County coordinator will be the only employee that comes in contact with samples and/or payment.

For sample pick-up, only those clients with large numbers of samples or already scheduled for approved site visit will be eligible for sample pick-up. Agent will take the sample and process all paperwork to limit contact.

If you have any questions, please call 864-446-2276.

How to take a soil sample


How to take a soil sample

How to complete a soil form for sample submission to the Agricultural Service Laboratory

For questions concerning interpretation of results, contact the Home and Garden Information Center, 1-888-656-9988, or visit