Operating Excel Enterprise Budgets

We intend to publish a series of Webinars, podcasts and videos on the use of several spreadsheet tools, commodity news, agripreneurship, and agriculture-related matters. The Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service (CUCES) will provide this general information for South Carolina's farmers, consumers, agriculturists, homeowners, county employees and other constituents. CUCES holds no responsibility for the use of these materials. CUCES does not endorse any information not generated by CUCES unless specifically noted, nor does CUCES warrant that the actual source materials have been accurately transferred to this medium. These materials are for educational and planning purposes only and users are fully liable for the use, transfer, modification, communication and publication of these Excel spreadsheets in other media.

Introduction to Enterprise Budgets (8 min 23 sec)

Learn how to make use of a Microsoft Excel budget template for projecting costs and returns for agricultural enterprises.

Updating Files From Clemson Website (5 min 53 sec)

This webinar teaches how to download information in pdf and xls formats from Clemson University Extension website. 

Changing Data in the Excel Budget Template - Crop Example (6 min 50 sec)

This webinar helps users make adjustments into the cell references in Excel to create a new enterprise budget using own current information.   

Changing/Adding Fertilizers and Chemicals in the Excel Budget Template (9 min 1 sec)

This webinar helps Budget users change/add herbicides, insecticides and other chemicals that they plan on using during a crop season.  

Changing/Adding Machinery and Implements in the Excel Budget Template (10 min 27 sec)

This webinar complements the Chemical webinar on changing/adding machinery and implements that are necessary during a crop season.

Creating a new Excel Budget Template - Livestock Example (9 min 48 sec)

This webinar teaches an effective way of creating another Budget template from an existing one, while necessary changes are made from a template that has close relationship with the upcoming, new budget. 

Profitability Analysis - Horticultural Crop Example (7 min 57 sec)

This webinar presents the profitability analysis offered by the Excel templates.