Land Lease

Leasing, Rental Arrangements, Easements

  • Cash Rental Rate Estimator Spreadsheet  (Iowa State University with Michigan Example)
  • Long Term Orchard Lease Development (MSU Extension)
  • Orchard Lease Contract for an Existing Orchard (MSU Extension)
  • Grant of Easements: Information for Landowners (Talley, Daray; MSU Extension)
  • Fair Rent (Univ. of MN). A webpage that allows you to evaluate rental decisions.
  • Renegotiating Cash Rents Down for 2015 (FarmDoc, Univ. IL)
  • Farm Lease Calculator (Univ. of Nebraska at Lincoln)
  • Michigan Farmland Cash Lease agreement- editable options
  • Greenhouse Lease Bulletin E-3141 (Curtis Talley)
  • NCFMEC-01 Fixed and Flexible Cash Lease Arrangements (North Central Farm Management Extension Committee)
  • NCFMEC -02 Crop Share Rental Arrangements (North Central Farm Management Extension Committee)
  • Parameters for a 2016 Cash Rent with Bonus (FarmDocs, Univ. of Illinois)
  • Midwest Plan Service has a web site where you can order and/or download a variety of publications and contract - agreements for Agriculture.

Additional Rental References

  • Wind Energy Leasing Handbook (Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service)
  • Rental Issues Renters Checklist- This 1 page document is a land renters checklist that helps assist people in the area of evaluating Farm land rent.
  • This Landlord Rental Worksheet will help you figure how much rent to charge
  • AgLease101 Website  - One of the very hottest topics around the farm is where to get some help in putting together a win- win farm land leasing arrangement.  It take some real time and effort to put in place a land rental/ lease agreement that provides protection for the landowner and the flexibility that is needed by the farm operator to be successful.   This new web page is devoted to just this topic has been established  by the North Central Extension Farm Management Committee.
  • University of Illinois’s Farm Business Management Team’s publication - Crop Share Cash Farm Lease
  • Iowa State University Extension’s publication - Flexible Farm Lease Agreements
  • Iowa State University Extension’s publication -  Estimating Cash Rental Rates for Farmland
  • Iowa State University Extension’s publication - Improving Your Farm Lease Contract

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