Farm Transition

The long-term future of South Carolina farms and agribusinesses is dependent upon successful business transitions to the next generations. The goal is to keep the assets and resources of the business in agricultural on a sustainable basis. The Clemson Extension Agribusiness team conducts programs that help families of these businesses utilize various tools to address intergenerational business transfers and avoid potential pitfalls including excessive estate taxes and inadequate funds for purchasing sibling shares of the estate. It has been proven that families who have a plan which utilized these tools have a higher success rate and better family harmony when transferring the business to the next generation.

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Beginning Estate Planning Publications

  • Estate Planning in Montana: Getting Started, MT199508 HRA
  • Transferring The Family Business to the Next Generation (Roger Betz, MSU)
  • The Federal Estate Tax, MT199104 HR
  • Estate Transfer Summary, MSU Ag Econ SP03-02 (Kelsey, MSU)
  • Life Insurance: An Estate Planning Tool, MT 199211 HR
  • Gifting: A Property Transfer Tool of Estate Planning, MT199105 HR
  • Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate? Transferring Non-Titled Property, MT 199701 HR
  • 40 Estate Planning Tools, Section #5 (The Ohio State University)
  • Glossary of Estate Planning Terms, MT200202 HR

Estate Planning Publications

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