Media & Communications

Carolina Clear uses television, radio, billboards, and the internet to extend stormwater education messages to a broader audience.


The 2020-2021 Carolina Clear billboard campaign focuses on the proper management of fats, oils, and grease (FOG).  When not properly disposed of, these materials can cause costly damage to infrastructure and have devastating impacts on the environment.  If we “Can it, Cool it, Trash it” as the billboard suggests, we can assure FOGs do not cause havoc in our communities.


Our   2018-2019  billboard campaign focused on pet waste management. These billboards were up in many locations around our consortium regions. Visit the Pet Owners information tab to find out more about how to manage pet waste responsibly to protect water quality.

Pet Waste Management Billboard

Our 2017 billboard campaign focuses on stormwater ponds. These billboards are up in many locations around our consortium regions. Keep an eye out for one near you, and visit the Stormwater Pond Management website to find out more about how to best manage stormwater ponds and protect water quality.

Our 2015 billboard campaign focused on Carolina Yards. Visit the Carolina Yards website to find out more about how to create a healthy, watershed-friendly landscape that is low maintenance and looks great.


Our 2018 commercial reminds viewers the importance of picking up after our pets. Learn more about being a “Scooper Hero” and protecting clean water for you and your neighbors.

Our 2016 television commercial reminded viewers that ponds, whether for flood control, water quality, or enjoyment, are typically the homeowner's responsibility. Watch the video below for several important tips for caring for your community stormwater pond.

Community Segments

As part of the street interview series, the Ashley Cooper Stormwater Education Consortium hits the streets to ask residents an important watershed question:

WBTW Carolina Clear News Segment focused on pond aeration and circulation:

Instructional Videos

Learn about Floating Wetlands from Clemson Extension staff:

Dripster's drills for cleaning up spills:


Find all of our video content on our Carolina Clear YouTube page!