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Florence Darlington Stormwater Consortium Goal Statement

To enhance water resource protection and stewardship throughout Florence and Darlington Counties through stormwater education, public involvement and outreach, and by fostering partnerships with local governments, citizens, businesses, schools, and organizations to support healthy waterways.


  1. Maximize the efficiency of stormwater education efforts in the upper Pee Dee region of South Carolina by using a regional/watershed approach.
  2. Develop and implement a cohesive education strategy that addresses the range of stormwater pollutants using a prioritized approach that capitalizes on local training resources.
  3. Foster and expand upon citizen involvement in stormwater management through this effort's education and participation programs.
  4. Encourage behavioral change towards improved environmental protection and awareness through stormwater education.
  5. Facilitate collaboration among local organizations interested in watershed-related education to best meet the educational needs of local communities and their public.
  6. Through partnerships with MS4s, leverage local education resources and organized outreach programs to meet the NPDES Phase II permit requirements for public stormwater education and outreach to achieve greater water resource protection.
  7. Actively participate in collaborative stormwater education that can be presented and applied in South Carolina and nationwide.

Contact Information

Coordinator: Tancey Belken

Phone: (843) 519-2403

Mailing Address:
2685 S Irby Street Ste. K,
Florence, SC 29505

Email: tanceyc@clemson.edu 

Tancey Cullum Belken Picture