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Looking to become involved with the Lowcountry Stormwater Partners? We are proud to provide, partner on, or support a variety of volunteer and training opportunities! Be sure to stay up to date on our latest offerings by following our events calendar and our Facebook page! Interested in a topic that isn't listed here? Check out our resources page or contact Ellen Sturup Comeau for more information!

Volunteer Opportunities

Stormdrain Markers

Stormdrain Marker

Have you seen similar markers next to the stormdrains in your neighborhood? If not, consider joining the Lowcountry Stormwater Partners volunteer effort to mark all the stormdrains in communities of Beaufort County! Storm drains flow to waterways without treatment, so it is very important to warn people not to dump oil, trash, leaves, household chemicals or anything else down a storm drain. Your group can help, by marking the storm drains in your neighborhood! The markers are installed with an easy-to-use adhesive and all materials are provided. Contact Ellen Sturup Comeau for more information.

Report Litter

Palmetto Pride and Keep Beaufort County Beautiful

When it rains, it drains and much of the trash deposited on land will find its way into our local waterways! Should you see any litter or signs of illegal dumping, take a picture if you can, mark the time, date, and location, and then submit a description to the Beaufort County Connect App or to your local codes enforcement office. If you would like to participate in regular litter cleanups, consider contacting Keep Beaufort County Beautiful or follow the Lowcountry Stormwater Partners events calendar, Facebook page, or the Changing Tides Newsletter for cleanup opportunities.

Report a Spill or Illicit Discharge


Only rain should go down the stormdrain! Storm drains flow to waterways without treatment, so it is very important to make sure that they remain free from potential contaminates. If you see any suspicious substance going into the stormdrain, take a picture if you can, mark the time, date, and location, and then submit a description to the Beaufort County Connect App or to your local stormwater management office.

Volunteer with the Lowcounty Stormwater Partners

LSP Consortium

Do you have a specialized skill and would like to contribute to keeping the Lowcountry's waterways healthy, fishable, and swimmable? If so, contact Ellen Sturup Comeau to see if volunteering with the Lowcountry Stormwater Partners could be a good fit for you!

SC Adopt-A-Stream


The SC Adopt-A-Stream program is led in a partnership between SC Department of Health and Environmental Control, Georgia Environmental Protection Division, and the CU Center for Watershed Excellence. Volunteers are trained annually by certified trainers to become stewards and monitors of South Carolina rivers.

Volunteer with Our Partners

LSP Consortium

The Lowcountry Stormwater Partners consortium is made up of a variety of local governments, businesses, and organizations. Many of our partner organizations are looking for volunteers! To see a list of our partners, visit our partner page!

Training Opportunities

Master Naturalist

Master Naturalist

The South Carolina Master Naturalist Program is a statewide corps of volunteers providing education, outreach, and service dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources and natural areas within their communities. Interested South Carolinians become Master Naturalists through training and volunteer service.

Master Gardener

Master Gardener

Is your thumb green? Do you want to know how to make your brown thumb turn green? Do you thirst for more knowledge about your home landscape? Can you commit to putting your knowledge and skills to work through volunteer service? If you answered yes, then the South Carolina Master Gardener program may be for you! The Clemson Extension Master Gardener Program trains, selects, and utilizes knowledgeable volunteers to facilitate the educational work of the local Consumer Horticulture Agent, by delivering researched-based information to citizens of the state.

Master Pond Manager

Master Pond Manager

The Master Pond Manager achievement course is designed to teach participants a wide range of pond management knowledge and skills. As a "hybrid" course combining online and face-to-face learning, it incorporates self-paced lectures, discussion, quizzes, and other web-based methods of participant-instructor interaction, along with hands-on participation activities in the field.

Master Rain Gardener

Rain Garden

The Master Rain Gardener program (currently in development) is a hybrid course consisting of self-paced online learning modules, hands-on field experiences, and multiple track options to meet the needs of diverse audiences interested in designing and installing rain gardens.

Post Construction Best Management Practice Inspector

Post-Con BMP Inspector

The Post-Construction BMP Inspector program trains professionals in methods and strategies for conducting routine and thorough inspections of stormwater management practices.

Certified Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Inspector (CEPSCI)


The purpose of the CEPSCI Program is to educate field personnel on the proper installation, maintenance and inspection of erosion prevention and sediment control measures at construction sites to meet state and local regulations.


Certified Stormwater Plan Reviewer (CSPR)

The purpose of the CSPR Program is to educate personnel on the proper design and review of stormwater and sediment control plans for development sites to meet state and local regulations.

Stormwater-related Workshops

Stormwater Workshop

Conducted regularly by Water Resource Extension agents, reoccurring program topics include shorescaping, floating wetlands, rain gardens, rainwater harvesting, gardening with native plants, composting, and more. Keep an eye on the events calendar to find upcoming program offerings!