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A recognition program for businesses and organizations in Richland County that value clean water. logo

Clean water means healthy communities and a healthy economy. Drinking water comes from lakes and rivers, so keeping them clean is essential to healthy employees and families. Lakes and rivers attract people to our area for fishing, boating, swimming and other outdoor recreation. In urban areas, water resources provide a scenic backdrop for shopping and dining.

When rain falls on urban areas, it picks up pollutants, such as oil, gasoline and litter, from streets and parking lots, fertilizer and pesticides from lawns and landscapes, soap, chemicals, cooking grease, and other contaminants poured on the ground or into storm drains. Rain water runs into storm drains or ditches, which carry the water along with pollutants to nearby streams, rivers, and lakes.

By making simple changes and educating employees, businesses can greatly reduce the amount of pollution coming from their properties.

For more information on how to participate, visit our Join PHW page, or download a Partners for Healthy Watersheds Brochure.

Resources for Businesses

General Information

PHW Annual Training Handout
Richland County Stormwater Management
Pollution Prevention
Household Hazardous Waste Information
Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Database

Bonus Actions

Creating a Rain Garden
Installing a Rain Barrel
Pervious Pavement
Volunteer Opportunities in Richland County


Grease Management for Restaurant Owners
City of Columbia Fats, Oils & Grease Program

Auto Repair Businesses

Auto Repair Brochure
Santee Cooper Oil Recovery Program (GOFER)

Landscapers and Nurseries

Leaf Litter Handout
Fertilizing Lawns
Using Pesticides Safely
Disposing of Pesticide Containers
Conserving Water in the Landscape