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Mission Statement

Support the restoration and protection of healthy waterways in Richland County through outreach, stormwater education, public involvement, and partnerships with local governments, citizens, businesses, schools, and organizations.


1. Develop and implement targeted outreach projects that address the range of stormwater pollutants through collaboration and utilization of local resources.
2. Engage citizens in stormwater management through interactive programs and encourage attitudes that promote environmentally responsible behaviors.
3. Facilitate collaboration among local organizations interested in watershed-related education to best meet the needs of local communities.
4. Increase the availability of tools and trainings for professionals involved with stormwater management and water pollution prevention activities.
5. Utilize local media resources to increase awareness of stormwater quality and water pollution to the general public.

Year 6 Annual Report of Activities, 2015-2016

Click to view our sixth Annual Report of Activities, detailing our education activities from June 2013 to May 2014. This report was included in Richland County's NPDES Stormwater Permit report to SCDHEC, and documents our planning process and educational impact. Congratulations to all of our education partners who made this past year possible. You have a lot to be proud of!

View past reports

Three-Year Strategic Plan: 2016-2018

The purpose of the Three-Year Strategic Plan is to provide a strategy for deciding on education activities that includes long term goals, prioritizes items, and gives a framework for multi-year efforts. The plan was created based on partner input, regional survey data, and Richland County water quality monitoring results to develop a framework for planning our efforts over the next three years.

Stormwater Education and Involvement Strategic Plan 2016-2018

Educational Plan of Work

Our educational plan of work is a living document developed annually and used to prioritize and track our education efforts, identify strengths and weaknesses of our programs, and ensure that we are effectively targeting all relevant audiences and pollutants of concern. This document is constantly updated as new opportunities present themselves.

Year 6 (2013-2014) Educational Plan of Work

Year 7 (2014-2015) Educational Plan of Work

Previous Years Education Plans

Contact Information

Karen Jackson, Co-coordinator
Phone: 803-865-1216, ext. 116
Mailing Address: Extension Service, P.O. Box 102406, Columbia, SC 29224
Physical Address: 900 Clemson Rd., Columbia, SC 29229
Email: karen7@clemson.edu

Chenille Williams, Co-coordinator
Phone: 803-576-2491
Mailing & Physical Address: 400 Powell Road, Columbia, SC 29203
Email: williamsc3@rcgov.us