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Sumter Stormwater Solutions includes Sumter County and the City of Sumter.  This is one of Carolina Clear's newest consortiums, and we are actively seeking consortium partners. If you or your company cares about stormwater and water quality in Sumter County, please consider joining us in our efforts.  Our meetings are quarterly and open to the public.

Goal Statement

To enhance water resource protection and stewardship through education, public involvement, and partnerships.


  1. Use a watershed approach to develop and implement a comprehensive education strategy that addresses stormwater pollution using a prioritized approach capitalizing on local training resources.
  2. Foster and expand upon citizen involvement in stormwater management through education and participation programs to encourage behavioral change towards improved environmental protection and awareness.
  3. Facilitate collaboration among local organizations interested in watershed-related education to best meet the educational needs of local communities.
  4. Through partnerships, leverage education resources and organize outreach programs to meet the NPDES Phase II permit requirements for public stormwater education and outreach to achieve greater water resource protection.
  5. Participate in collaborative stormwater education that can serve as a model for others.

Year 6 Annual Education Report: 2013-2014

Click here to view the Sumter Stormwater Solutions Annual Education Report, documenting our education activities from the 2013-2014 reporting year. View past reports.

Year 6 Education Plan of Work

Click here to download our Education Plan of Work for the 2013-2014 year. This document provides guidance for our education activities, and allows us to evaluate the comprehensiveness of our programs in terms of target audience and target pollutant. The education plan is a living document that is updated frequently, with the latest version posted here. View past education plans.

Contact Information

Coordinator: Katie Altman-Goff

Phone: (803) 773-5561

Mailing Address: 115 N. Harvin Street, 5th floor, Sumter, SC 29150-4956

Email: klaltma@clemson.edu