Pet Owners

Pet owners play an important role in helping to keep South Carolina’s water resources clean and safe. If pet waste is not properly disposed of, the resulting bacterial pollution can make it unsafe for people, pets, and wildlife to swim, drink, or fish in local waterways. Common health concerns from contact with polluted waterways include gastrointestinal issues, swimmer's itch, and eye infections.

sc-dog.pngOn average, pet waste contains significantly more harmful bacteria than human waste. There are an estimated 1,423,000 dogs in South Carolina that produce over 1,067,250 pounds of waste each day. When this pet waste is left on the ground, harmful bacteria can enter our rivers, streams, lakes, and beaches through  stormwater runoff . Not only does pet waste stink; but if not properly managed, it can also keep us from using and enjoying our precious local waterways.

You Can Help!

Take the Pet Waste Pledge

parker-pup.png You can help! Take the pledge and promise to:

  1. Clean up after your pet every single time. That includes both in the yard and on walks.
  2. Be prepared. Always bring a bag!
  3. Dispose of pet waste properly. Put it in the trash or flush it down the toilet.

Be sure to share this with your friends, family, and neighbors!

Click HERE to take the pledge and get a FREE pledge card!

Check out this video to see who is taking the pledge and why!

Watch, Read, Share

Help spread the word about the importance of picking up after pets. Download and use these resources to talk to your community about pet waste.

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