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Most construction projects that will disturb more than one (1) acre of land in South Carolina require stormwater permit coverage.  

  • Before beginning your construction project, ask yourself a few questions:
    • Does your construction project disturb more than 1 acre of land?  This disturbance includes removing the vegetative cover, clearing, grading, excavation and stockpiling of fill material.
    • Is your construction project less than 1 acre, but part of a plan or development that will eventually disturb more than 1 acre?  Common examples of this situation include single family homes that may have a small footprint but are part of a new neighborhood development.
    • If you live in a coastal county, is your construction project within a 1/2-mile of a creek, river or lake?
    • Are there other construction-related stormwater permits required from the county or municipality?  Some local governments have additional requirements so it's important to check.

If the answer is  YES to any of these questions, you need to acquire a stormwater permit!


Low Impact Development practices are incorporated into the commercial and residential design to help mimic pre-development hydrology. Practices such as bioswales, permeable pavement, green roofs, constructed wetlands and cisterns, work to slow stormwater runoff down and allow water the opportunity to infiltrate. Learn more by visiting the “Low Impact Development in Coastal South Carolina: A Planning and Design Guide."