Certify Your Yard

The Carolina Yards Program recognizes homeowners that implement the principles of environmental landscape management. By using these environmentally friendly landscape practices, homeowners can make positive changes in the environmental quality of their yards, neighborhoods and surrounding waterways.

Yards are evaluated using a scorecard based on the 12 principles of the Carolina Yards Program. Each action taken earns "inches" towards certification. By meeting the minimum requirements and achieving 36 inches, you can have a Certified Carolina Yard. Homeowners obtaining Certified Carolina Yard status will receive a certificate and have the option to purchase other recognition items - see below.

iconTo certify your yard now, download the Carolina Yards Scorecard.
(Note: This form is intended for use with Adobe Reader. Some functions may not be available with other PDF software.)

Recognition Items - Now Available for Purchase at this link!

Once your yard is certified by filling out and sending in the above form, you will receive a letter and congratulatory certificate. You will also have the option to purchase one of the items below to showcase your yard!

yard sign imageYard Sign
Let your friends, neighbors, and visitors know that you are protecting water quality through environmental and low maintenance yard principles! The artwork is truly attractive, and the sign will recognize the thought and work you bring to your yard. The aluminum sign measures 9" x 12" and arrives with a stake that is easily fastened with the included 3M tape. Finished product created in South Carolina.

Highlight your use of environmentally friendly landscaping principles to your neighbors and visitors with this magnet. The magnet measures 3" x 5" and can be used on any magnetic surface - find one that will really boast your yard's new certification like your mailbox, community mailbox, or lamp post. Finished product created in South Carolina.

imageMarble Tile
This laser-engraved high quality and highly polished marble tile displays a true commitment to environmentally friendly landscaping. The tile is 12" x 12" and has some versatility in how it can be displayed. The tile can be hung by the included leather cord outdoors (imagine on a fence post!) or indoors. The leather cord can be removed and an adhesive designed to join marble to stone such as Liquid Nails can be used to secure the tile to an equal sized paving stone, making this a sturdy stepping stone for a garden walk. Finished product created in South Carolina.

imageEngraved Garden Stone
This engraved bluestone will make a great addition to your low maintenance perennial bed. The stone is approximately 8-10" across (it's curved) and can either lay flat or stand up in the bed to showcase your certified yard.

imageCarolina Yards Garden Flag (Purple Coneflower Design)
This beautiful artistic rendering of purple coneflower will make a fantastic accent to any Carolina Yard. The flag measures 12.5" x 17.5".

imageCarolina Yards Garden Flag (Butterfly Design)
Since a Carolina Yard supports wildlife, this garden flag featuring South Carolina's state butterfly is the perfect addition to a Carolina Yard. The flag measures 12.5" x 17.5".