Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Registration is offered online through Clemson's Marketplace. Add the Carolina Yards online course to your "cart" and check out by filling in all of the required information. Please note that demographic information is used solely for demonstrating compliance with civil rights law. The online registration is a secure site. Depending on your browser, some required fields may appear off the screen.  Using the tab button to move from one field to the next instead of your mouse will ensure you don't skip any fields.

What specific materials are included with registration?

With registration you will receive:

      • Carolina Yardstick Workbook
      • Carolina Yards Sticker
      • Carolina Yards Rain Gauge
      • Nature's Best Hope: A New Approach to Conservation that Starts in Your Yard book by Doug Tallamy
      • Soil sample bag

When will I receive my registration materials?

  • Registration materials will be shipped on March 1 for those registering by February 27.
  • Registration materials for those registering after February 27 will be shipped on March 9.  You may begin the course even if your registration materials have not arrived.

Can anyone take this course?

The Carolina Yards online course is a statewide course open to anyone wanting to learn about environmentally friendly landscaping. However, in order to achieve a Certified Yard, you must have a yard in South Carolina. This course is not recommended for apartment/condo dwellers or tenants who do not have permission or the ability to complete yard activities.

How will I know if I am registered for the course?

Once you complete the online registration, you will receive an email confirmation.

When is the registration deadline?

Advance registration for the Spring 2022 class is available through February 27.  Regular registration is available through March 8

When do I need to start the course?

In addition to the registration confirmation, you will receive an email from the course coordinator with details about how to access the online course.  You will not be able to enter the course until the course start date.

How do the modules work?

The modules have been designed to help you move through the course in a logical manner. Two modules will be released each week.  You may move through them at your own pace but you may not skip ahead.

When will the course close?

The last content module as well as the conclusion module will be released on week 8.  The course will remain open for two additional weeks to complete any outstanding course work and submit your Carolina Yards Scorecard for certification. The course will close on May 15.

Will I be able to interact with other course participants?

Yes! There are discussion forums in each module.  You are encouraged to interact with your peers and your facilitators. This year you also have the opportunity to meet course participants by attending the field day.

How many participants will be enrolled in this course?

The number of participants will vary, but we will accept no more than 40 participants at one time.

What are “yard actions?”

The Carolina Yards program assists residents of South Carolina implement and maintain environmentally friendly and low maintenance landscape techniques. There are 55 yard activities, which we refer to as "actions" in this course. Each action is worth 2 inches of credit.  A minimum of 36" of credit are need to obtain a Certified Carolina Yard.

How will my participation in this course help protect the environment?

There are many yard practices that have negative environmental consequences.  This course will teach you yard actions that will help you minimize your environmental “footprint.” These activities will not only help protect the environment, but can also lower the time and money you spend on landscape chores.

How often is the Carolina Yards online course offered?

The Carolina Yards online course will be offered on an annual basis beginning the third week in March.

Are there other Carolina Yards trainings throughout the year?

This is the only “complete” Carolina Yards training, however there are many other Carolina Yards in person workshops and other related events throughout the year. Click HERE to find other related events and further information on what may be happening near you.

Are there teachers for this course?

Two Clemson Extension Agents will guide the course.  One works in the area of Horticulture and works in the area of Water Resources. The agents will be monitoring the course and checking in with the discussion forums to answer questions and to encourage conversation. These agents will serve as your “facilitators” and be your direct contact should you have any questions or problems. The statewide coordinator will also participate in discussions and send weekly communication regarding the course schedule.

What if I need help during the course?

You may contact the course coordinator or course facilitators for content related help. Clemson Online staff will provide technical support.