Maintain Healthy Soil

Healthy soil is an investment in your landscape! Did you know that by simply improving your soil, you can beautify your garden, cut your water bill, improve water quality in our streams and even reduce your work? Growing healthy soil - and a healthy garden - is as easy as adding compost and other organic amendments to your soil. In fact, this is the single most important thing you can do for your garden.

Carolina Yards Spotlight: Start with a Soil Test

Watch as Extension Agent Gary Forester demonstrates how to collect a soil sample with WBTW's Chief Meteorologist Frank Johnson.

Maintain Healthy Soil Action Checklist:

1. Collect a soil sample to determine what soil amendments may be needed for what you want to grow.

iconDid you know?

Applying too much fertilizer can cause environmental hazards! Following soil recommendations from a soil test report can help prevent problems with nutrient deficiencies and excessive fertilizer applications.


Submit a soil sample to your local Clemson Extension office. Your soil will be sent to a lab for testing and a soil test report will be generated. The report will be sent to you (even by email if that’s your preference) and will indicate the level of nutrients in your soil. It will also provide amendment recommendations based on the types of plants you are trying to grow!

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