Edgefield County Staff





Justin Ballew Commercial Horticulture Agent ballew3@clemson.edu 803-359-8515
Gary Coleman Area Livestock and Forages Extension Agent garyc@clemson.edu 864-223-3264
Susan Conley Administrative Assistant smconle@clemson.edu 803-637-3161
Julia Cox 4-H Youth Development Extension Agent julia7@clemson.edu 803-508-7736
Jay Crouch Area Extension Agent- Agronomic Crops alfredc@clemson.edu 803-276-1091
Stephen Pohlman, Jr. Area Forestry Agent spohlma@clemson.edu 803-637-3161
Sarah Scott Commercial Horticulture Agent oswald@clemson.edu 803-637-3161
Karissa Ulmer District Extension Director kulmer@clemson.edu 803-584-4207

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