Pest Management Schools

Apprentice Termite Technician Training
The Apprentice Termite Technician School provides one day of intense instruction and hands-on experience for new termite technicians. Teaching includes the recognition of standard construction features, how they are built and how to treat them. This program is located at the Lakehouse at Sandhill REC (900 Clemson Road) in Columbia, SC. Register ONLINE for Apprentice Termite Technician Training ››  

Master Termite Technician Training
Master Termite Technician School provides practical training for experienced technicians and improves the quality of termite treatments. Instructors cover material in a classroom setting and through fieldwork at a house foundation with a variety of construction elements. Students are challenged by learning how to treat using a variety of techniques. After successful completion of a hands-on and written test, technicians are recognized as Master Termite Technicians. They are awarded a certificate and patches for their uniforms to signify their achievement. Register ONLINE for Master Termite Technician Training ›› 

Master Pest Control Technician Training
The Master Pest Control Technician (MPCT) course was created for the general pest control technician, sanitarian, and in-house pest control professional for schools, industrial sites, and residences. The MPCT Course is an intensive 1-week course at Clemson University. The course is designed to provide detailed, practical instruction about general pest management for pest management professionals. Register ONLINE for Master Pest Control Technician Training ›› 

Wood Infestation Report Training
The Wood Infestation Report Training provides attending Pest Management Professionals information that will allow them to issue Official South Carolina Wood Infestation Reports that adhere to the requirements set forth in Section 27-1085 (K) of the Rules and Regulations for the Enforcement of the South Carolina Pesticide Control Act. Register for Wood Infestation Report Training ›› 

Fall Forum

An annual one-day educational opportunity for pest management professionals, housing managers, in-house pest management personnel, and other allied professionals to learn about interesting and pertinent topics in today's pest management world. Exhibitors are part of the program to spotlight their company and products and are also on hand to answer questions during the morning break and lunch. 8th Annual Fall Forum registration (PDF).


Gear Up Series (Virtual)
February 18 - Entomology for Pest Control
February 25 - Cockroaches
March 4 - Ants
March 11 - Spiders
March 18 - Rodents

Termite Control Basics (Virtual) - March 23

Apprentice Termite Technician Training (Sandhill REC, Columbia, SC) - April 6, September 14

Master Termite Training (Sandhill REC, Columbia, SC) - May 11–12, November 2–3

Wood Infesting Report Training (Virtual) - May 25, October 4

Fall Forum (Virtual) - October 26