Fairfield 4-H Clubs

In a 4-H club, members of an organized group of youth (ages 5-19), led by an adult, regularly meet for a planned program/activity throughout the school or calendar year. 4-H clubs focus on in-depth learning about one or more project areas typically meet monthly. 

Have a hobby you would like to share with the youth of your community? Consider becoming a mentor for a new or existing club! Talk to the Fairfield County 4-H agent about your ideas (seidt@clemson.edu, 803-589-8977).

Current Fairfield Club Offerings:

Fairfield 4-H Gun Club

This club is designed to teach firearm safety, teamwork, self-discipline, patience, self-reliance, record-keeping, and good sportsmanship while youth learn to compete in the discipline of sporting clays, skeet, and trap. 

The club will provide a practice facility, targets, and fun while learning firearm safety. The club runs from September to June and is open to youth aged 10-18 as of January 1st of the current school year.

Participants will need to provide their own eye protection/safety glasses, ear protection, and a three-ring binder.

Costs to participate include but are not limited to: $15 annual 4-H membership dues which include a T-shirt and accident insurance, as well as entry fees for meets, which can run from $15 to $100 per shooter depending on the type of event attended, and transportation to and from practices and events.

Cost should not be prohibitive. If a student is interested in participating and is concerned about participation fees, contact the Fairfield 4-H agent at seidt@clemson.edu to discuss participation options.

To see the Fairfield Gun Club’s recent activity, check out their Facebook page. Questions and interest inquiries should be emailed to seidt@clemson.edu and/or sent via a direct message to the Fairfield Gun Club’s Facebook page.

Have an Idea for a Club?

You’ll need an adult volunteer, 5+ students from 2+ families, and an idea. To discuss your ideas, contact the Fairfield 4-H agent at seidt@clemson.edu.