Fairfield County Staff

Name Title Email Phone
Ryan Bean Area Forestry and Natural Resources Agent rbean@clemson.edu 803-432-9071
Brian Beer Area Livestock Agent bbeer@clemson.edu 803-283-3302
Will Culler Extension Agent wculler@clemson.edu 803-359-8515
Dwayne Earn Administrative Assistant dearn@clemson.edu 803-635-4722
Faith Isreal Food Systems and Safety Agent fisreal@clemson.edu 803-865-1216
Jackie Jordan Commercial Horticulture / Specialty Crops jkopack@clemson.edu 803-722-1196
Deon Legette District Extension Director--Midlands dlgtt@clemson.edu 803-865-1216
Charly McConnell Area Water Resources Agent charlym@clemson.edu 803-359-8515
Jennifer Stevens Fairfield County 4-H Youth Development Agent jstvns@clemson.edu 803-635-4722
Marlyne Walker Senior Extension Agent/EFNEP State Specialist marlyne@clemson.edu 803-589-8976

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