Wood Supplier System

Understanding the Wood Supplier System

An Online, Self-Paced Program


Over the last decade, the timber industry has changed dramatically.  The once massively influential pulp and paper industry has downsized and moved away from timberland ownership and active procurement of wood resources.   The housing market has gone through a major lull but is improving.  Energy wood in the form of pellets has emerged as a new market and logs are being exported out of country.  Many forest lands are owned by absentee owners and managed in a passive manner.  Forestry has changed creating new opportunities for those who embrace these changes.

Wood suppliers sit in a perfect position to capitalize on the opportunities being created.  Trees are readily available to meet market demands, and wood supplier companies are positioned to assist landowners market their wood products.  This on-line workshop addresses the changes to the timber industry and how wood suppliers might better serve landowners.  Techniques for optimizing the many features of the industry and possibly expanding services to create more income streams are discussed.  Participants are encouraged to analyze their particular circumstances to improve net revenue.  The course provides Action Steps to give a road map for this analysis.  


Lesson 1: Overview
Lesson 2: Wood Suppliers
Lesson 3: Timber Markets
Lesson 4: Timber Growers
Lesson 5: Timber Harvesters
Lesson 6: Other Subcontractors
Lesson 7: Optimization
Lesson 8: Goals for the Future


Anyone involved in the timber industry will find many ideas to possibly apply to their operations; this includes consulting foresters, timber buyers, foresters working for investment companies,state and federal foresters, timberland owners, loggers as well as those owning or working in wood supplier organizations.


This program has been approved for 4.0 CFE hours - Category 1.


Upon completion of the registration process, you will receive within 3 business days a userid and password that provides you access to the online program. You will watch a video and then are required to pass a test with a score of 70 or better before moving to the next lesson. It is recommended that you have high speed internet for the online program. If you are not sure your computer is compatible with the online program, click here to test your system.


Registration for the program is $80. To register online, click here.