Master Tree Farmer

The Master Tree Farmer (MTF) course is a "hybrid" course combining online and face-to-face learning, it will incorporate self-paced lectures, discussion, quizzes, and other web-based methods of participant-instructor interaction, along with hands-on participation activities in the field.

To learn more, watch our course introduction video, and read more details about the course below.

The course will span over 9 weeks and each Monday morning a new section will be released. The participant will have that week to watch the content for that section.

After completing master tree farmer, participants will learn scientific and practical knowledge to manage forested land to best suit ecological, economical, and recreational forest resources. Master Tree Farmer is intended to build upon a participant’s base knowledge of forestry.

Target Audience:

Landowners and land managers. Those interested in advancing their knowledge in reference to forested land management.

Course Information and Registration:

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Winter 2022 Course
Registration Closed / Class is Full.

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Program Coordinator
Derrick Phinney
Natural Resources Program Team Director
Clemson Extension