Forestry and Wildlife Team Newsletter

Forestry and Wildlife Team Newsletter

CU in the Woods Newsletter

We invite you to take a look at our Forestry and Natural Resources Team Newsletter that we call "CU in the Woods". Below you'll find our full seasonal editions as well as the separate articles written by our agents and specialists.

Year 2020

CU in the Woods | Fall 2020 (full newsletter)
Identifying Copperhead Snakes, Parker Johnson
Homemade Devices to Determine Basal Area, Stephen Pohlman
Overall Lumber Market and SC Price Trends During the Third Quarter, Dr. Puskar Khanal
Common Pine Bark Beetles in Urban Settings, Janet Steele, Molly Darr, & Derrick Phinney

CU in the Woods | Summer 2020 (full newsletter)
Asian Longhorned Beetle Detected in SC, Dr. Dave Coyle
Pre-Commercial Thinning - An Answer to Too Much Stress, Tom Brant
Tree Declines, Dr. Dave Coyle
SC Quarterly Stumpage Price Trends and Potential Impact of COVID-19 on Forestry, Dr. Puskar Khanal
Seedling Selection Guidelines For Forest Landowners, Janet Steele
Herbicide Application: Lable is the LAW, TJ Savereno

CU in the Woods | Spring 2020 (full newsletter)
Flowering Dogwoods: Diseases and Pests, Sean Bowers
Women Changing the Face of Forestland Ownership, Janet Steele
Updating South Carolina Stumpage Prices, Puskar Khanal
Beyond the Buck: The Newest Chapter in Wildlife Planting, Dr. Cory Heaton
Wisteria is in Bloom Across South Carolina, Dr. Dave Coyle
Chemical Release of Planted Pines, Dr. Stephen Peairs

CU in the Woods | Winter 2020 (full newsletter)
Winter Activities for the Bobwhite Manager, Cory Heaton
Using Hack-and-Squirt Method to Control Undesirable Vegetation, Jeff Fellers
Updating South Carolina Stumpage Prices, Puskar Khanal
Hemlock Conservation Coalition Forms in the Upstate, Carolyn Dawson
Rounding Up the Evidence, David Coyle
The Daunting Life of an Oak Seedling, Stephen Peairs