Cattle Complex

The cattle complex is a 42,000 square foot multi-purpose facility located at the southwest corner of the Garrison Arena complex. The show/sale arena has a concrete floor which can easily accommodate livestock auctions and shows or exhibits.

Portable bleachers and chairs are available to seat approximately 500 guests. This area can also be utilized for banquets and parties with catering available. Other amenities include gas heating, climate controlled restroom facilities and office space, and concessions.
The spacious housing area can be equipped with tie panels for up to 300 head of halter cattle or with holding pens for 300 head or more depending on space requirements. This area is also equipped to handle smaller livestock such as sheep and goats. Electrical outlets and covered wash racks are easily accessible from all parts of the housing area.

The complex boasts a modern nine stall milking parlor with a combination of side-open and herringbone stalls and 1200 gallon milk holding tank. The milking parlor is conveniently located near both the show/sale arena and housing area.
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