Garrison Arena Rental Request

Event Details

(Please view the Arena's calendar for any confirmed booking conflicts)

Please include details for any or all parking fees applicable to vendor, participant and spectator

Please give a detailed description of the event to post on our website, be sure to include information that is beneficial for participants and spectators. Also, list any special setup needs for this event.

Additional Needs

Your show must provide the staff for Stall, RV and Vendor Space. Your event will be billed for any of the below as stated in your contract. As applicable, please provide the name, phone number and email for the following:

Contact for Stall Rental

Contact for RV Rental

Contact for Vendor Space Rental

Contact Information:

Contract & Invoicing

One last thing...

Your submission of this request does not guarantee that the facility is available, nor does this form serve as a binding contract agreement between the above party(ies) and the T. Ed Garrison Livestock Arena. A representative from the T. Ed Garrison Livestock Arena will contact the above listed resources to discuss and complete any agreed upon contractual agreement.

Having trouble filling out this form? Contact the Garrison Arena staff for assistance: 864-646-3362 or visit our Contact Us page.