4-H Clubs

Greenville County strives to "Make the Best Better" with clubs in both schools and the community.

A 4-H club is lead by a trained 4-H Volunteer Leader(s) and is composed of at least 5 members. They meet on a regular basis, chartered by the County Extension office. Leadership s provided by the youth and adults where there is planned educational programs. The club must meet at least 6 hours each given 4-H year. The new 4-H year begins September 1 and runs through August 31. Club members are expected to meet at least the following standards each year:

    • Attend at least 70% of regular club meetings
    • Complete a 4-H project, doing one's own work with minimal assistance
    • Give a club, community, or county 4-H presentation
    • Complete a 4-H project record book
    • All club rules and policies should be contained in its club constitution and attached to the annually chartered application at the start of the new year.

Listed below are community clubs and leader contacts for the 2017-18 year:

        Club                                                  Leader

  1. Teen Council                                  Patricia Whitener (pwhiten@clemson.edu)
  2. Sterling Green Team                     Sylvia Vandross (svandross@greenvillecounty.org)
  3. Robotics                                         Jason Searle (jlsearle@gmail.com)
  4. Archery                                          Kim Walker (kwalker@ghs.org) & Alan Walker (alanmwalker@gmail.com)
  5. Jr. Bee-Keepers                             Ashley Dover (ashleyhoneydee@gmail.com)
  6. Stablemates                                  Donnie Tomlin/Holly Jewell (stablemates4h@aol.com)
  7. 4-H Pinterest (Cooking/sewing)      Bridgette Husband (blueeyedredhead@live.com)
  8. Whispering Pines (Goat & Sheep)  Debbie Webster (thehorselady@charter.net) & Emily Groth (newcarousel@yahoo.com)
  9. Air Rifle Club                                Robert "Clay " Curtis (tcarta@swbell.net)
  10. Swamp Rabbits                            Abby Flint (elevenflints@gmail.com) & Rebekah Hammond (rhammond43@gmail.com)
  11. Travelers Rest Club                      Jenny Cox (coxjd75@gmail.com)
  12. Garden Clubs starting at Greenville County Recreation. Community Centers-afterschool programs
    • *if your school/church is interested in a garden please have them contact me at pwhiten@clemson.edu 

There are several after-school clubs covering a wide variety of topics that are teacher/parent led but associated only with that specific school. Contact me for more information. pwhiten@clemson.edu

Club areas looking to start: Environmental, Pets, Birding and STEM

** If you are interested in starting your own club, let's talk!
Contact Patricia Whitener   pwhiten@clemson.edu