Hampton County Staff

Name Title Email Phone
Michelle Altman Rural Health and Nutrition Extension Agent altman5@clemson.edu 803-943-3427
J. Marion Barnes Senior County Extension Agent- Distinguished jbrns@clemson.edu 803-943-3427
Rebecca Davis Water Resources Extension Agent rwllms@clemson.edu 803-245-2661
Rogan Gibson County Extension Agent - Agronomic Crops rogang@clemson.edu 803-584-4207
Jevencia Hill Nutrition Educator-EFNEP jevench@clemson.edu 803-398-0034
Rob Last Horticultural Extension Agent rlast@clemson.edu 803-259-7141
Dawn Stuckey Colleton & Hampton County 4-H Youth Development Agent dstucke@clemson.edu 843-549-2595
Lisa Terry Administrative Assistant lisat@clemson.edu 803-943-3427
Karissa Ulmer District Extension Director kulmer@clemson.edu 803-584-4207

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