4-H Events

Lancaster County 4-H is growing current and future leaders. The largest youth development organization in the nation, 4-H provides young people with experiential learning opportunities that enable them to explore new interests and discover their passion. 4-H also empowering young people with skills to lead for a lifetime by growing confidence, civic engagement, leadership, responsibility and more.

2016-2017 South Carolina 4-H Calendar

SEPTEMBER  2016                                                                                                                                        

September 1                 Membership Registration and Dues submitted to county agents

September 3rd-4th       York County Fall Livestock Show, Chester, SC

September 6th            Come Grow in the Garden Homeschool Series

Deadline for SC State Fair – Youth Open Horse Show Registration

September 24              ArborOne’s 2014 Aim For Ag Sporting Clays Tournament

September 22-25         Southern Region Teen Leadership Conference - Crosswell, Tenn


October 2-6                 National 4-H Dairy Conference - Madison, WI

October 5                     NATIONAL YOUTH SCIENCE DAY

October 6-9                 4-H Volunteer Conference of the Southern States - Rock Eagle, GA

October 3-9                 NATIONAL 4-H WEEK


October 12-23             State Fair, State Fairgrounds – Columbia, SC

October 13                   4-H Alumni Day at the Fair

October 15                   4-H DAY AT THE FAIR

                                    STATE 4-H HEALTHY LIFESTYLES COMPETITION – State Fair

October 18                   Barrow Project Show - State Fair

October 23                   4-H/FFA Goat Show - State Fair

October 22-23             Youth Open Horse Show and Scholarship Event - State Fair



November 4                 Submission deadline for 4-H Holiday and Thank You Card Competition

November 4-6              2016 Eastern Nationals 4-H Horse Roundup - Louisville, KY

November 7                 York County 4-H/FFA Swine Show Registration Opens

November 12               4-H/FFA Final Meat Goat Show - Union County Fairgrounds

                                    CAFLS tailgate – Football Game at Clemson University – Clemson vs Pittsburg

November 14-16          National 4-H Livestock Judging Contest – Louisville, KY

November 25 - 29        NATIONAL 4-H CONGRESS – Atlanta, GA


December 8                  Deadline for 4-H/FFA Swine Show Registration

December 21                Deadline for registration for Miss 4-H Pageant

JANUARY  2017                                                                                                                                        

January 3                       4-H/FFA Swine Show Kickoff (tentative)

January 14th                 State Meat Goat Project Awards Banquet (tentative)

January 17-21              Citizenship Washington Focus:  Presidential Inauguration Trip – Washington, DC

January 21                   Miss 4-H Pageant – Clinton High School, Clinton, SC

January 27-29             HEALTHY LIFESTYLES SUMMIT – Columbia, SC


February 3                  Pollinator/Honey Bee Project Registration Deadline

February 6                   Postmark Deadline for 4-H Hippology & Horse Bowl Registrations

February 10-12            JUNIOR 4-H WEEKEND

February 15                Dairy Heifer Project Registration Deadline

February 18                  4-H Horse Bowl Contest - Clemson University

February 19                  4-H Hippology Contest - Clemson University


March 3-5                    SENIOR TEEN WEEKEND 

March 3-4                    State 4-H/FFA Dairy Contests/ Spring Dairy Show – Clemson, SC

March 10-12                State Forestry Clinic - Web Wildlife Center

March 15                     Postmark Deadline for State 4-H Horse Show Intent to Show & Lease Forms

March 14                     STATE 4-H LEGISLATIVE DAY- Columbia, SC 

                                    NWTF Palmetto Shooting Complex – Edgefield, SC

March 25                     SOUTH CAROLINA 4-H ENGINEERING CHALLENGE, Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College – Orangeburg, SC

March 25-31                NATIONAL 4-H CONFERENCE – Chevy Chase, MD


April 1                         State 4-H/FFA Livestock Judging Contest – Clemson, SC

April 7                         Small Garden Project Registration Deadline

                                    State Meat Goat Project Applications Deadline (tentative)

April 8                         State 4-H/FFA Poultry Judging Contest

April 23-May 9            TRACTOR SUPPLY SPRING PAPER CLOVER CAMPAIGN (tentative) 

April 22                       Dairy Heifer Project Kick-Off   - Saluda, SC


May 1                          PORTFOLIOS DUE IN THE STATE OFFICE

                                    Glen Krohn Volunteer Award Nominations Due in State Office

                                    Postmark Deadline for the SC 4-H Horse Record Book Entries

May 5                          Deadline for submission for the State 4-H Presentation Contest for virtual presentation entries 
                                    (Horse Contest will not be included)

May 15                        Market Steer Project Registration Deadline

                                    Postmark Deadline for State 4-H Horse Show

                                    Deadline for Creative Contest Entry Forms, Fees and Essay/Poems



June 1                          Community Service and Horse Promotion Activities due to State 4-H Horse                                   
                                     Program Office for Outstanding Club Award

                                    Barrow Project: Registration Deadline

June 12-16                   Wild at Webb Camp – Webb Wildlife Camp

June 12                        Deadline for 4-H Horsemanship Camp registration                                                     

June 10                        State Meat Goat Project Kick-Off - Newberry, SC (tentative)

June 15                        Applications for 4-H Teen Council due in the State 4-H Office

                                    Club Award Applications due to the State Office

June 19-24                   Pinckney Leadership Conference – Clemson University

June 21                        Interviews for Presidential Tray and National Conference – Columbia, SC

June 22                        Record Book Contest-Showmanship and Horsemen’s Phase-Garrison Arena

June 23                        Creative Contest official judging – Clemson, State Show

June 20-24                   STATE 4-H HORSE SHOW AND EDUCATIONAL ROUNDUP - Garrison Arena, Clemson, SC

June 30                        Ambassador Reports due in the State 4-H Office



July                              Southeast Dairy Youth Retreat 

July 7                           Volunteer Leaders Symposium Early Bird Registration Deadline

July 5 - 9                      SC 4-H Horsemanship Camp (Horses Required) – Garrison Arena, Clemson, SC

July 13 - 16                  STATE 4-H CONGRESS – CLEMSON UNIVERSITY

July 28                         Deadline for Ambassador Applications

                                    Volunteer Leaders Symposium Late Registration Deadline

August 2-6                   Southern Regional 4-H Horse Championships - Perry, GA



August 4                       Wildlife Food Plot Project Registration Deadline

August 4-6                   Junior Beef Round-Up – Clemson, SC

August 12                     4-H AMBASSADOR TRAINING 

                                    STATE 4-H VOLUNTEER LEADER’S SYMPOSIUM