Midlands Region Laying Flock Project

Rregistration Deadline is May 1, 2018


The Laying Flock Project is designed for youth that already have laying hens at home and are not interested in raising new birds this year. Participants in this project have the same opportunities to show as those in the Pullet Chain.  Senior level participants (those that turn 14 on or before January 1, 2018) will compete along with the Pullet Chain participants throughout the project for a $250 cash award.


  • Open to youth 5-18 years of age, as of January 1, 2018.  
  • Cost is $10 per participant.
  • To register online, visit the Midlands Region Laying Flock Registration website. (COMING SOON)
  • If you prefer to pay by check or cash with a paper form, you may do so at your local 4-H Extension Office.  Youth who are not already members of 4-H for the 2017-2018 project year will be required to complete a membership form and submit a $10 membership fee to their local Clemson Extension Office. You will be contacted by your local 4-H Agent following the registration period to complete this part of the process. With membership youth will receive a shirt.
    • Follow this link to access the current 4-H membership form. (Coming Soon)


  • Age Divisions: (all ages are as of January 1, 2018)
    • Cloverbud, 5-8 years of age
    • Junior, 9-13 years of age
    • Senior, 14-18 years of age
  • Each youth will receive a project record book that must be completed and turned in to their local 4-H Agent in October. Books will be judged and returned to the youth in November.
  • Youth are expected to show in a minimum of one showmanship show during the project year. The Show season begins the first week of September and continues through October. There are currently plans for five shows in the region and there should be one close to you.

 Timeline for 2018 Laying Flock Project

  • May 1, 2017:  Your registration and payment must be received by 4-H.
  • Early May:  Youth will receive their project record book.
  • September and October:  Showmanship Show season (Show dates will be announced by the end of July)
  • Late October: Record book to be turned in to local 4-H Agent for judging.

Register and Pay On Line Here   Access a printable Registration Form 

Frequently Asked Questions:

I noticed in the pullet chain that there is an option to add pullets to their order. Can I add bantams if I register for Laying Flock?

Yes, but with restictions. As long as you have birds that are actively laying on May 1, 2018, then we will allow you to take advantage of the 5 bird bantam option. However, this decision must be made, and registration completed, before the Pullet Chain registration deadline of Monday morning, March 12, 2018 at 8:00am. Once the order of chicks for the pullet chain has been made on March 12, no additional chicks will be allowed. If you wish to add bantams to your Laying Flock registration, you must secure the bantams separately through the pullet chain registration (only choose that one option). This will be in addition to the Laying Flock registration.

What's the refund policy?

For the Laying Flock Project, there will be no refunds after May 1, 2018.

Can I participate in both the Laying Flock Project and the Pullet Chain?

While we will not turn anyone down that wishes to compete in both projects, the only difference would be that the participant would be expected to complete two separate record books. Access to the shows is open to participants from both projects.

Will Laying Flock participants and Pullet Chain participants compete against each other at the shows?

Yes. You will have participants from both projects competing together. The focus of the judges at the shows is on the youth, not the bird, so there is no advantage given to one project or the other.

Do I have to use my project bird at the shows?

While we encourage youth to use their project bird, it is not a formal requirement. There are instances where it may be warranted for youth to use a different bird. For example, some of our youngest 4-H'ers have difficulty holding a larger bird. In these cases it is acceptable for them to use an alternate bird, that may be a 'better fit' for them. 

Can cockerels / roosters be used as the show bird?

No. All show birds must be pullets / hens for Midlands Region sponsored shows. Other regions may have different rules. If you choose to sign up for a show not in our region, check with the organizer of the show to determine their rules.

Will our birds have to be blood tested?

In South Carolina, you cannot legally bring a chicken to any type of public setting where it could potentially come in contact with birds from other farms unless it has been blood tested (and banded) for pullorum within 90 days of that event. Your 4-H Agent will arrange a time to blood test your show bird and, for those in our pullet chain project, the birds that you intend to bring to the final auction in November. Blood testing is generally done near the end of August.