Lancaster County 4-H Projects

Lancaster County 4-H'er hanging a trail camera on a tree to observe her 4-H Wildlife Food Plot

4-H Special Interest/Short Term Projects: Projects can be either independent studies or groups of youth meeting for a specific learning experience that involves direct teaching by Extension staff or trained volunteers, including teachers. The program is not part of the school curriculum and not restricted to members of 4-H clubs. This delivery mode does not generally continue for as long as a 4-H club.

State Level Projects

Animal Projects

Lancaster County Specific Projects 

  • Wood Duck Project - This project just completed its pilot year and we are currently creating record sheets which should be ready by nesting season 2022. It is offered as an independent study for those youth that have access to suitable habitats to observe and help manage local waterfowl, especially wood ducks. For more information on this fun and engaging opportunity, contact 4-H Agent Steve Hucks at or by phone at (803) 745-5002.


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