4-H School Enrichment

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4-H School Enrichment Programs: Groups of youth receiving a sequence of learning experiences in cooperation with school officials during school hours, to support the school curriculum. It involves direct teaching by Extension staff or trained volunteers, including teachers.

4-H School Aged Child Care Educational Programs: Educational programs offered to youth outside of school hours, usually in a school or other community center and incorporating 4-H curricula.

To request additional information on any of these opportunities, or to schedule your classroom, contact the Lancaster County Extension Office at (803) 283-3302 or email 4-H Agent Steve Hucks at chucks@clemson.edu

In-School Programs

Fee Structure Explained :
Lancaster County 4-H currently offers the following programs to schools in Lancaster County. These activities can be led by Clemson Extension staff or, in most cases, can be led by you with 4-H providing a kit. Any activity with a fee attached is for paying for consumables used in the activities. In many cases we can provide the same activity at no cost if consumables are supplied by your classroom. Often times, the activity requires supplies that you already have readily available:

Rockets Away!
Students study the science of rockets and participate in the design & launch of paper rockets. The current distance record is 103 yards for one sheet of paper. (Grades 5-8)   $20.00 per classroom of 30 students or less.

EcoBot Challenge
Participants become environmental engineers as they build a working robot from a toothbrush. (Grade 4-8)  $3.50 per student to cover the cost of materials.

Students in this project are able to gain a better understanding of reproduction, life cycles, and experience the joy of caring for a living being as you hatch chicks in your classroom. Lancaster County 4-H currently serves all second-grade classrooms in the county. However, if supplies are available we can serve other grade levels if interested.  $15.00 per class for cost of eggs and equipment usage. Additional $5.00 for trip to candle the eggs for the students.

GPS/GIS Mapping
Students will learn the basics of GPS mapping and then test their new skills in a small geo-caching search (Grades 6-8)  There is no fee for this program. (note that this activity is currently unavailable. We will update here when we are able to once again offer this experience.)

Animals and their Environment
Students will learn about wildlife that lives here in our home state through the hands on use of animal hides, skulls and tracks. This lesson is very flexible in that it can be tailored to meet the standards for many grade levels. There is no cost for this program. If interested in having a program custom tailored to meet your classroom needs, contact Steve Hucks at chucks@clemson.edu .

Wind Energy
Participants learn the principals of harnessing the power of wind and build their own windmill designed to lift a small load.  $20.00 per classroom of 25 students or less.

Project WET
Project WET is a unique curriculum and activity guide that contains lessons to meet the standards of all grade levels K-12. With nearly 100 activities to choose from, we can certainly find solutions to fit your needs. Students will explore many facets of water conservation and maintaining water quality. For more information on this exciting opportunity, contact Steve Hucks at chucks@clemson.edu and we will tailor a program to meet your grade level needs.

Bridge Design
In groups of 2 or 3, participants explore engineering principles, design/build a bridge to support given weight. The activity ends with testing each bridge to see how much weight it will hold before structural integrity is compromised. (Grades 5-12)   $20.00 per classroom of 28 students or less will include all supplies.

Using a portable hands-on model, students learn about watersheds and how storm water runoff can cause pollution. (Grades K-5)   There is no fee for this activity.

Snap Circuits
Snap Circuits make learning electronics easy and fun. Participants will spend time building actual circuits in these hands on lessons. (Grades 3-8). Kits can be checked out or Extension staff can lead the program. There is no fee.

Lancaster County 4-H has provided in-school, hands on experiential learning in the following Lancaster County Schools over the past 5 years:

A.R. Rucker Middle School
Andrew Jackson High School
Andrew Jackson Middle School
Buford Elementary
Brooklyn Springs Elementary
Carolina Christian Academy
Clinton Elementary
Erwin Elementary
Discovery School
Harrisburg Elementary
Heath Springs Elementary
Indian Land Elementary
Kershaw Elementary
McDonald Green Elementary
North Elementary
Van Wyck Elementary