What is the Master Gardener Program?

Image of a pair of hands weeding between seed starter pots.

The purpose of the Laurens County Master Gardener program is to provide horticultural training and information to Laurens County residents.  Each Master Gardener course consists of a series of 14 (or more) classes held once per week for 14 weeks. Each class lasts approximately 3 hours. 

Graduates of the Master Gardener Program will volunteer 40 hours of service to the Laurens County Extension Program over the 12 month period following graduation.  These hours of service can be provided in many different ways - answering horticultural calls in the Extension Office, working on Community Beautification Projects, or perhaps manning Extension or Master Gardener information booths during fairs or festivals.

Our last course included the following classes:

Botany and Plant Physiology Lawn Care
Soils and Plant Nutrients Landscape Design
Tree Fruits and Small Fruits Plant Pathology
Plant Propagation Vegetable Gardening
Urban Tree Care Basic Entomology
Annuals and Perennials Residential Irrigation
Chemical Pest Control Beekeeping and Pollinators

Classes for each course are offered based on the availability of instructors. We may substitute certain courses if an instructor is not available for a given subject.  Short tests (10 questions, usually true/false or multiple choice) are given each week, with a final exam administered the week following the last class.

Day and Time of Course
The class day and time are normally Tuesday evenings from 6 to 9 pm.  Our course typically begins in late August and ends in late November or early December.

Course Registration and Fees
The registration fee for the Laurens County Master Gardener Program is $300.00, which includes a number of books (the Master Gardener Training Manual alone is over 500 pages!), handouts, and other materials.  Registration closes 1 week before classes begin. Each course will be limited to 24 persons due to space limitations, with a minimum of 10 persons required to register in order for the course to be held.  Please DO NOT mail in registration fees before contacting us to ensure space is available.

Current Course Offering
Our next course is scheduled to begin in August 2017.

Master Gardener Waiting List
If you are interested in this program, but are visiting this page at a time when no course registration is available, we will be happy to place your name on this Prospective Master Gardener mailing list - simply call us at 864-984-2514 ext. 112 or e-mail wsmth@clemson.edu to request that your name and address be placed on the list.  (You may prefer to complete the Prospective Master Gardener Form on the web - when the "submit" button is clicked the information in the form is e-mailed directly to Bryan Smith.)

You may also like to visit the South Carolina Master Gardener Home Page or the Home and Garden Information Center .