Eligibility and Nomination Process

Who is Eligible for Induction?

Former Extension Agents who have exemplary records of accomplishment in leading Cooperative Extension programs and sustained successful leadership within the organization at various levels will receive priority consideration for induction into the Hall of Fame.

Former Extension Agents may be considered for induction into the Hall of Fame when their contribution has made a major impact on the condition of community, state or a larger area of the country and the Extension Organization has benefited long term from the leader’s sustained efforts.

Who Can Make Nominations?

Any member of the community may nominate persons for induction into the Hall of Fame.  Nomination forms must be submitted to the Committee by December 31.

What is the Selection Process?

With the support of Extension staff appointed by the Extension Director, the Hall of Fame Selection Committee will evaluate the entire list of nominees each year during its annual Selection Committee meeting. All nominations remain on file and in consideration for future induction in perpetuity.

The Committee is a representative group of Extension leaders, advisors and former award recipients who volunteer their time and knowledge to help select and induct nominees to the Lever Hall of Fame.

All nominees will be evaluated using the points based system applied to each evaluation factor as shown below and in the approved nomination packet.

Nominee Evaluation Factor

Maximum Points - 100

Factor 1: Major Extension Service contributions - 15

Factor 2: Professional accomplishments - 20

Factor 3: Leadership within Cooperative Extension organization and programs - 25

Factor 4: Leadership involvement in professional associations - 10

Factor 5: Honors, awards, and recognition received - 10

Factor 6: Service to community and in region of influence - 10

Factor 7: Leadership in related organizations - 10


To apply or submit a nomination please refer to the link below after verifying the eligibility of the candidate.

Nomination Application

If you have any questions feel free to contact Lever Hall of Fame Program staff.

Blake Lanford
1949 Industrial Park Road
Conway, SC 29526