4-H School Enrichment Programs

4-H School Enrichment Programs: Groups of youth receiving a sequence of learning experiences in cooperation with school officials during school hours, to support the school curriculum. It involves direct teaching by Extension staff or trained volunteers, including teachers.

4-H School Aged Child Care Educational Programs: Educational programs offered to youth outside of school hours, usually in a school or other community center, and incorporating 4-H curricula.

In-School Programs

Lexington County 4-H currently offers the following programs to schools in Lexington County:

  • Intro to 4-H: 4-H offers youth many opportunities to explore our six program areas. This program introduces each of our program areas through a hands-on learning activity. Typically done with 1st grade. Currently a free program. (CAN BE DONE VIRTUALLY)
  • Healthy Habits: A monthly lesson on nutrition and healthy lifestyles. Includes snack. Typically done with 3rd Grade and After School Programs. Currently a free program. (CAN BE DONE VIRTUALLY)
  • Reading Makes Cents: A monthly lesson for 5th-grade students on budgeting, understanding money, etc. Currently a free program. (CAN BE DONE VIRTUALLY)
  • Chick Embryology for any grades: A 25-day project that teaches life cycles using eggs and incubators. The cost of this project is dependent on what class option is selected. Coming Soon (CAN BE DONE VIRTUALLY)
    • Available Dates (dependent on the availability of supplies):
      • Spring Dates Coming Soon for the 2020-2021 school year
      • Contact erikaj@clemson.edu EARLY to reserve your spot! Spaces fill up fast.
  • *NEW*Journey to Mars: A 4-H Space Adventure: A series of lessons that focus on inquiry, decomposition, pattern recognition, and algorithm design on an age-appropriate level. A class set of kits is $50.  A kit includes a student manual and activity supplies. This program is aimed at grades 3rd-5th. (CAN BE DONE VIRTUALLY)
  • *NEW* 4-H20 in the Classroom: Bring 4-H20 into your classroom! 4-H20 Classroom kits provide a hands-on science inquiry program that provides youth with knowledge about their local water resources. Kits will include activities related to the water cycle, watersheds, and water conservation.  A classroom set of kits is $75 and includes all supplies needed activities.  This program is aimed at grades 3rd-5th. (CAN BE DONE VIRTUALLY)
  • School Garden programs: Lexington County 4-H can assist with setting up a school garden and lead instruction using the Junior Master Gardener curriculum; teachers can also independently implement the School Gardening for SC Educators
  • One Time Lessons: We also offer one-time school enrichment programs to teachers as a supplement to what is currently being taught in the classroom. Contact us for more information. (CAN BE DONE VIRTUALLY)

Interested in having 4-H in our classroom? Interested in a topic that you don't see listed above? Contact erikaj@clemson.edu for more information!