SC 4-H Code of Conduct

4-H Code of Conduct

  1. The health, safety, and welfare of others must be respected at all times.
  2. Appropriate language and behavior are expected at all times. Profanity, foul or abusive language, inflammatory statements, derogatory comments, or physical altercations toward any group or individual are not permitted.
  3. Participants are expected to be present and participate in all scheduled program activities. Participants are required to wear name tags when dispensed.
  4. No violence, including sexual abuse or harassment, will be tolerated.
  5. All participants are expected to be on the designated site of the event at all times and to participate in assigned activities. Unauthorized use of vehicles during an event is prohibited.
  6. Participants are responsible for following the instructions of all 4-H staff and volunteers.
  7. All behavior or language of a sexual nature at 4-H events is inappropriate and unacceptable. Dignified and respectable behavior is expected at all times.
  8. Curfew hours must be strictly followed. Participants are not to go into other’s rooms after curfew.
  9. Behavior during unscheduled free time is subject to the supervision of 4-H staff and chaperones.
  10. Dress code standards previously set for the event must be met by all participants (i.e., NO sexually suggestive, culturally insensitive, tobacco or alcohol industry-sponsored shirts, inappropriately cut shirts, shorts, pants or skirts, etc.).
  11. Possession, distribution, or use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is prohibited. Prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications may be dispensed by adult chaperones only with written authorization provided by the parent/guardian on the 4-H Membership/Event Permission Form for youth on file for the event.
  12. With the concern for the well-being of self and others, vaping, smoking, and the use of other tobacco products are prohibited.
  13. Care and respect for property, personal and institutional, are always expected. Theft, possession of missing property, or damage to property is prohibited.
  14. Inappropriate use (e.g., during programming) of cell phones or other electronic devices is prohibited.  Cell phones, cameras, imaging, and digital devices are prohibited in showers, restrooms, or other areas where minors expect privacy.
  15. The operation of motor vehicles by minors is prohibited while attending and participating in a program or activity.
  16. Hazing of any kind is prohibited.  Bullying, including verbal, physical, and cyber-bullying, is prohibited.
  17. Unauthorized possession of weapons, distribution of weapons, use of weapons, ammunition, or fireworks is prohibited.
  18. Honesty is always expected from 4-H members.  Dishonesty, cheating, plagiarism, and forgery are inappropriate actions.