2022 Course Description

The 2022 program will consist of both cohort-based ‘Core’ workshops as well as optional ‘Advanced’ workshops that are open to members of the cohort as well as the general public. Workshop descriptions and dates are provided below or you can download a pdf version of the 2022 Course Description here.

Class of 2022 Cohort Core Workshops

The Core workshops outlined below are only open to official participants of the SCNBFP Class of 2022 cohort. Individuals interested in the Core program must complete the program application and be accepted into the program. These workshops will run from 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM and are scheduled to be held at the Lexington County Clemson University Cooperative Extension Office (605 West Main St., Ste. F, Lexington, S.C. 29072). All Core workshops are included in the $350 participant fee. Lunch, snacks, and materials included.


Legal Issues & Risk Management | Friday, May 6, 2022
Start your business with potential risks in mind. Learn the multiple dimensions of risk that apply to farm businesses and explore potential mitigation strategies, develop a draft risk mitigation plan for your business, and learn more about USDA crop insurance programs. Examine potential farm legal issues including landowner duties towards trespassers, licensees, and invitees; contracts; and understand your responsibilities, rights, and liabilities. Learn about tools and strategies to mitigate risk and legal issues.


Start-Up Logistics & Basic Farm Financial Management | Friday, May 20, 2022
Start your farm business off on the right foot. Gain knowledge of start-up logistics, including name, structure, registration; licenses, permits, certifications; banking & insurance; funding your business; hiring employees; and taxes & record-keeping. Understand farm financial basics including the purpose and practical use of cash flow statements, income statement, statement of net worth and the terms, uses, measures, and preparation of a balance sheet.


Developing a Business Concept & Basic Business Plan | Friday, June 3, 2022
You have a business idea so now what? Learn about the Business Model Canvass, a time-tested tool to help you flesh out your business model. Have your business concept? Learn about the basics of a business plan including when, how, and why a business plan should be used.


Introduction to Marketing & Branding | Friday, June 17, 2022
Get noticed! Broaden your understanding of marketing and the role it can play in assessing an idea as a business opportunity. Lay the framework for strategic positioning and competitive advantage while learning the basic principles of good branding.


Basics of Direct & Mediated Markets | Friday, July 8, 2022
You produce great products, so where should you sell them? Learn what is meant by direct and mediated markets including their general challenges & advantages, explore considerations in choosing a market mix, and learn the basic options and best practices for e-commerce direct-to-consumer sales. Explore food trends and discuss your role in local food systems.


Regulatory Issues & Resources | Friday, July 22, 2022
Be proactive in learning the regulatory environment for your farm products. Learn what agricultural products are regulated by the SC Department of Agriculture, SC DHEC, and Clemson University Livestock Poultry Health. Learn about programs and processes for compliance and connect with regulators.


Fundamentals of Soil Health Management | Friday, August 5, 2022
Healthy soil is the foundation for profitable, productive, and environmentally sound agriculture. Learn the physical, chemical, and biological components of healthy soil and how to manage them to maximize sustainability.


Introduction to Integrated Pest & Weed Management | Friday, August 19, 2022
Solve pest problems while minimizing risks to people and the environment. Learn strategies that focus on the long-term prevention of pests and weeds through a combination of techniques such as biological control, habitat manipulation, modification of cultural practices, and use of resistant varieties.


South Carolina Farmer Resource Rodeo | Friday, September 9, 2022
Learn about the resources and programs available to provide technical, financial, and educational assistance to help your farm business grow. Have your questions answered by local, state, and federal program representatives, meet local resource providers, and establish working relationships, and network with other growers and farm entrepreneurs in this expo style event.


Class of 2022 Graduation | Friday, December 9, 2022
Celebrate your accomplishments while learning about the business plans of your fellow class members.

2022 Advanced Workshops

The advanced workshops outlined below provide opportunities for a deeper dive into relevant topics for the emerging farmer audience. These optional workshops are offered on an a la carte basis, open to participants in the SCNBFP Class of 2022 for $35 each, as well as to the general public for $50. These workshops will usually be between 4 and 6 hours in length, will include a meal, and are scheduled to be held at various locations across the state of South Carolina. Workshop descriptions and dates are below. Workshop locations and on-line registration links will be provided closer to the workshop date. Advanced workshop dates are subject to change.

Opportunities in Agritourism
Saturday, September 17, 2022 | Midlands Region, location TBD
Interested in an exciting revenue stream for your farm business? Learn all about agritourism trends and resources before exploring agritourism venues along the self-proclaimed Newberry County Agritourism Trail, Hwy 34. Tour the operation of an alpaca educational adventure, discover strawberry fields, farm stands, and specialty meat production along the way, and feast on a winemaker's passion in a southern vineyard.

Prerequisite Knowledge: None

Farm Financial Management and Recordkeeping
Thursday, September 22, 2022 | Pee Dee Region, location TBD
Understanding financial management and recordkeeping is crucial to responsible and profitable management of any farm business. This workshop focuses on advanced topics of farm financial management including everything from liquidity analysis to solvency analysis, and profitability analysis. Advanced recordkeeping will also be covered where you will have the opportunity to meet with area agents and learn about recordkeeping for specific enterprises you're interested in or currently pursuing.

Prerequisite Knowledge: This workshop assumes participants will be familiar with basic financial management tools such as income statement, profit & loss, and balance sheets.

Enterprise Budgets and Profitability
Tuesday, September 27, 2022 | Catawba Region, location TBD
Learn how to calculate your cost of production so you can price for a profit! Explore the concept of an enterprise budget including how they use costs, sales, and labor data to determine the profitability of your market channels. Learn how to use the Veggie and Livestock Compass Tools to predict the financial impact of different farm scenarios for the future and to assess your farm’s financial progress over time to locate efficiencies, set prices based on actual costs of production, and increase farm profits.

Prerequisite Knowledge: This workshop assumes that participants will have a basic understanding of financial management as well as a clear concept for your business.

Tax Management for Farm Businesses
Saturday, October 8, 2022 | Pee Dee Research & Education Center, Florence, SC
Stay legal while leveraging tax laws to your best advantage by learning about advanced tax management specifically for farm businesses. This workshop will also cover the Schedule F form and you will learn who should file and go through step-by-step instructions for completion. Note: This workshop is for general educational purposes only. Participants are responsible for obtaining individual tax advice based upon their circumstances from their own independent professional advisors.

Prerequisite Knowledge: None

Organic Production and Certification
Thursday, October 13, 2022 | Coastal REC, Charleston, SC
If you are contemplating organic production practices and/or certified organic, this is the workshop for you! We will start with an introduction to what organic is, walk you through the certification process, and show you organic production in action. A combination of lecture, discussion, and tour will be used to share information.

Prerequisite Knowledge: None

Comprehensive Business Planning & Business Plan Development
Tuesday, October 18, 2022 | Midlands Region, location TBD
Turn your ideas and efforts into a roadmap for success! Gain an understanding of costs of starting and running a business: capital costs, cost of goods sold, overhead costs, and necessary profit. Understand the concept of positioning. Learn how to calculate costs, plan for profit, and develop a pricing strategy. Take your basic business concept and transform it into a comprehensive business plan using the University of Minnesota’s AgPlan business planning tool.

Prerequisite Knowledge: This workshop assumes that participants will have a basic understanding of financial management as well as a clear concept for your business.

Advanced Social Media and Web Presence Optimization
Thursday, October 27, 2022 / Upstate Region, location TBD
Having an online presence is critical for all businesses, including farm businesses. During this training participants will learn techniques for best utilizing popular social media and other web-based platforms to gain exposure for and market their farm businesses and products. This training will also cover interpretation of web analytics for critical decision making, optimizing branding and online presence, and web-based marketing techniques. In the afternoon there will be a hands-on component to this training; participants will be asked to bring a laptop and notation of login-in/password information for all existing platforms with them to class in order to explore the analytics of your own accounts.

Prerequisite Knowledge: This workshop assumes participants will have a general knowledge of social media use and basic website navigation. It will be to your benefit to have established at least one social media account.

Land Acquisition, Transfer, and Stewardship
Tuesday, November 1, 2022 / Orangeburg, location TBD
What is common to all farms? Land. This in-depth workshop will feature a series of lectures from specialists on a variety of agribusiness and production topics related to your farm’s biggest investment. Participants can expect to learn how to access, finance, conserve, preserve, and make plans to transfer land to the next generation. Come with your current and future land goals in-mind (or written!) and learn about tools, practices, and assistance that can help you reach them.

Prerequisite Knowledge: None

Developing a Year-Round Operation Plan
Tuesday, November 8, 2022 / Upstate Region, location TBD
Developing an operation plan is essential for any business, and planning production and marketing of agricultural products has unique challenges. A year-round planning program model will look different depending on production cycles. This workshop looks to engage all levels of production and various enterprises and will cover a wide array of planning components.

Prerequisite Knowledge: This workshop assumes basic understanding of the seasonality of production and marketing. Participants should be prepared by having knowledge of their own individual production needs.

Financial Assistance through Farm-Focused Grants
Tuesday, November 15, 2022 / Catawba Region, location TBD
Learn about specific funding opportunities relevant to new farmers and techniques for successfully applying to these programs! Learn how to determine your eligibility, planning and write your proposal, prepare supporting documentation including business plans, and what to do if you are awarded. The workshop will cover Federal Grant Programs: Value Added Producer Grant, LFPP/FMPP, Rural Energy for America Program, Southern SARE Producer Grants, Farm Storage Facility Loan, EQUIP) as well as State and Local Grant Programs: Specialty Crop Growers Association Programs, ACRE Programs, SBDC Microgrants.

Prerequisite Knowledge: None

2022 SC Farmer Resource Rodeo

SC Farmer Resource Rodeo
Friday, September 9, 2022 | location TBD, will be held in a central location
The Rodeo is back! Learn about the resources and programs available to provide technical, financial, and educational assistance to help your farm business grow. Have your questions answered by local, state, and federal program representatives, meet local resource providers, and establish working relationships, and network with other growers and farm entrepreneurs in this expo style event.