Peaches in greenhouses – what’s this?!The current status of and practices involved in greenhouse production of nectarines and peaches in China.  Approximately 30,000 acres are in production now in several Chinese provinces to get early production and high market prices.

Fueling the local food waveHow growers can build their local customer base through fun and memorable on-farm experiences including delicious fresh fruits and value-added products, tours, games, etc.

Replant site considerationsProblems with planting peaches on sites where peaches have been grown before (i.e., replant sites) and what growers can do to maximize the potential for success.

Tree density and profitabilityChanging from a traditional-spaced, low-density orchard to a higher density orchard requires several important management considerations in order to maximize effectiveness and profitability and to minimize errors.

New peach releases for July and August
This article introduces readers to four new peach cultivars that have been released through his cooperative program with peach breeder, Dr. Dick Okie (USDA-ARS, Byron, GA), that are suitable for the prime peach production months of July and August in the southeastern U.S.