Fungicide Resistance Profiling

We developed an agar-based assay to determine location-specific fungicide resistance profiles in Monilinia fructicola (brown rot of peach) and Botrytis cinerea (gray mold of strawberry).  It determines the sensitivity of local populations to the most commonly used fungicide classes.  The results are communicated with growers and county agents and location-specific resistance management strategies are provided.  The service is supported by grower associations, the small fruit consortium and the USDA.  

Please review the instructions below on how to send your samples. They must also be accompanied with the proper Form to ensure that we have all the information needed to process your sample accurately and provide the best management advice. Missing information may delay this process.  Upon receiving your sample you should expect acknowledgment of receipt by email and results within 5 to 8 business days.  

Resistance profiling for gray mold of small fruits

Resistance profiling for brown rot of peach

How to send your small fruit samples How to send your peach samples
Submission Form Submission Form
Educational Pamphlet 

Profile logo An Agents Perspective:

"The profile kit was very easy to use and provided a timely response to suspected resistance problems.  Problems were easily identified by viewing the petri dishes.  This past yea we did have some trouble finding enough fruit to have an accurate sample.  Bacterial contamination is a definite possibility if yu are not careful in your procedure.  Whatever you do, don't forget to check it on time.  Some of the contaminants grow very quickly and can cloud results if not viewed when they are supposed to be.  All in all the system works but, will take up some of your time getting used to the procedure."  - Andy Rollins, County Agent, Piedmont, S.C.