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South Carolina Annual Peach Research Reports

Please contact someone from the peach team to request a copy of the arrived reports from 2001 to 2018.

Southeastern Peach Growers' Handbook

Cover image for the Southeastern Peach Growers' Handbook, black and white photo of a peachThe PDF of this handbook is available by request. Please contact a member of the Clemson Extension peach team to request your copy.

Acknowledgments and Table of Contents

1. Peach Tree Physiology 

2. Peach Growth Stages 

3. Business Management and Economics 

4. Pre-Plant Considerations 

5. Cultural Practices 

6. Harvest and Post-Harvest Considerations 

7. Pest Management 

7.1 Fungal Diseases

7.2 Bacterial Diseases 

7.3 Nematodes

7.4 Peach Tree Short Life

7.5 Viruses of Peach 

7.6 Diseases Caused by Phytoplasmas

7.7 Insects and Mites

8. Weed Management Considerations for Peach Orchards

9. Vertebrate Pests 

10. Orchard Sprayers 

11. Weed Control Sprayer 

12. Good Agricultural practices for the Production and Handling of Peaches 

Southeastern Peach Spray Guide (Peach, nectarine, plum)

Fungicide labels (CDMS) (Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium, link to spray and production guides)