Chinese peaches: past and present
Some of the fascinating history and current status of the world’s oldest and largest peach producing country, China.

Diversifying Your Fruit Portfolio
Whether you are a large-scale wholesale shipper, a small-scale retailer, or something in between, it is likely that you have experienced “feast or famine.”

Diversification and niche marketing
How white-fleshed peaches and nectarines can provide a profitable niche market to attract Asian and Hispanic customers, in particular.

Truth in advertising
How to determine fruit maturity and assess quality of peaches at harvest time. He discusses using a penetrometer to measure firmness and a refractometer to measure brix.

Whose (intellectual) property is it anyway?
The difference between cultivars that are public releases versus those that are patented and why this distinction is relevant. He also issues a caution to growers about illegally propagating patented cultivars.