Insect Fact Sheets

Indoor & Structural Insect Pests

Household and structural insects include termites, stored product pests, ants, indoor nuisance pests, outdoor nuisance pests

Insects of Medical & Veterinary Importance

Insects of medical and veterinary importance include allergy-causing, biting, and stinging insects

Insect Pests of Turf & Ornamental Plants

Insects of turf and ornamentals include pests of ornamental plants, lawns, golf courses, and commercial turf

Beneficial Insects, Butterflies, and More Around the Home and Garden

Beneficial insects are natural regulators of pest populations; butterflies can be attracted to your garden; Other species

Insects of Agricultural Importance

Agriculturally important insects include pests of corn, cotton, forage, peanuts, tobacco, poultry, soybeans, and wheat

Insect Pests of Fruit & Vegetable Plants

Many pests of fruit and vegetable plants are the same as those of agricultural importance, but also include those specific to a particular plant type

New, or Imported, and Emerging Insect Pests

New, imported, and emerging pests include hemlock wooly adelgid, “kudzu” bug, marmorated stink bug and other insects found in South Carolina