Membership Information

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Administrative Professionals,

The South Carolina Association of Extension Administrative Professionals (SCAEAP) would like to extend an invitation for you to join. Our association welcomes all administrative employees that work directly or indirectly with Cooperative Extension related services who are interested in learning and improving themselves through continued professional development.

Being a member of SCAEAP provides you unparalleled networking opportunities so that you can learn from others who work in the same professional role as you. Members are able to share ideas of best practices, broaden their knowledge of their profession, and become better equipped to serve both internal and external customers. By becoming an active member, you have the opportunity to attend informative workshops at our annual meeting. The workshops are designed to enhance skills you currently use in your day-to-day operations as well as teaching some new methods and practices to make your work efforts both effective and efficient.

SCAEAP is committed and focused on building stronger administrative professionals through constructive training.  One of our primary goals of belonging to this professional association is to help you become a successful part of the Clemson University Cooperative Extension System.

We encourage you to support your professional association by joining today.

For those of you that want to become a member or for those of you that need to renew your membership, please fill out the attached membership form and email to both the membership chairman and treasurer. Checks can be mailed to the treasurer or you can pay through BuyWays (vendor SCAEAP)- see linked membership form.

Just to remind everyone of the current policies of joining associations: Revenue and gift funds are an acceptable source for payment of membership dues, with prior approval from your District Director or supervisor.