Camp Policy


  • Capacity: No more than 225 overnight participants shall be allowed to use the FFA Center Facilities.
  • Length of Stay: The length of stay for any one group is not limited
  • Counselors: One (1) adult counselor is required for every ten (10) minors using the facility.


  • Procedure for applying: Potential FFA Center users should notify the Center Program Director at or 843-249-6104.

  • Lease Agreement: Once a tentative reservation has been established, the FFA Center Program Director will send a usage agreement to the lessee. The usage agreement shall be signed by an adult who must be 21 years of age or older and is requesting the use of the facility. The usage agreement must be received by the designated date to confirm reservation. If the signed agreement is not received by the designated date the reservation could be voided.

Move-In Procedures

  • Reporting In: Upon arrival, the sponsor or leader of the group will report to the Center Staff for last minute details or instructions.
  • Vehicles: Please leave all vehicles in the designated parking areas. You may drive to the circle and dining hall to unload luggage and supplies. Please DO NOT drive to the cabins. Observe speed limits. In areas where no speed limit is posted, assume a 5 mph speed limit.
  • Equipment: All FFA Center equipment and facilities to be used on site must be requested in advance and listed on the use agreement.
  • Care of Facility: We request reasonable and responsible use of the FFA Center facilities, lighting, and equipment. Any repairs resulting from damage occurring to the Center’s property due to improper use, neglect, or vandalism will be billed to the group. Please report any breakages or other emergencies to the Center Administrators immediately.
  • Access: Access to the FFA Center is limited to the areas that have been rented. Prior approval is needed and fees paid, if applicable, to use other areas in the FFA Center

FFA Center Staff’s Responsibilities

  • Campers orientation: Upon arrival of the group, the FFA Center staff shall orient the sponsor, leaders, and counselors of the camp’s facilities, equipment, supplies, policies, and other necessary information. This orientation shall be given within one (1) day of arrival (Only if necessary).
  • Facilities Inspection: A comprehensive inspection of the FFA Center’s facilities and equipment shall be made prior to each group’s arrival by the Center staff. Any discrepancies on the condition of the facilities or equipment observed by the group upon its arrival shall be reported immediately to the Center staff. If not, the group may be held responsible for any damages or alterations.
  • Maintenance: Routine maintenance and minor repairs of the FFA Center’s facilities are the responsibility of the Center’s staff.
  • Trash Pick-Up and Disposal: The Pick-Up and disposal of garbage from trash receptacles outside buildings is the responsibility of the FFA Center’s staff. The campers must use the provided receptacles for their trash disposal.
  • Equipment and Supplies: Certain equipment for recreation activities is available upon request from the camp staff and will be issued to participating groups only.
  • Communications: A telephone is available in the Center Office and should be used only in times of emergency.

Sponsor/Group Responsibilities

  • Transportation: The transportation of the group and their equipment, supplies, etc. to and from the FFA Center is the responsibility of the group.
  • Cooking/Cleaning: Meals are available for groups of 25 or more at an additional charge. After every meal, the group shall clean the dining hall. The group shall also clean the campground daily by picking up any loose trash.
  • Equipment Care: The FFA Center provides all activity equipment unless indicated otherwise on the “What to Bring” lists for a particular camp. Groups are asked to provide personal gear such as a sleeping bag/sheets, hygiene products, and appropriate clothing/shoes for the activities being conducted. The sponsor of each group shall be responsible for the handling and use of any issued equipment and supplies. The FFA Center’s staff shall instruct the group in the proper use of equipment. Any damages to the facilities or equipment or the misplacement or loss of any equipment will be billed to the group.
  • BEHAVIOR REGULATIONS: Safety is of paramount importance to the FFA Center. In order to maintain our excellent safety record, it is important that campers wear helmets, harnesses, life vests, seat belts and all other safety equipment as advised by the staff. Disruptive behavior, physical aggression, violence of any sort, inappropriate language, use of alcohol/drugs/tobacco products, or the disrespect of others and/or their property will not be tolerated and will result in immediate dismissal from the program.

Move-Out Procedures

  • Clean-Up: We ask that the buildings and other areas that you use be left as clean as you found them. A custodial check-list is available, as are basic custodial supplies. Any additional custodial services required for work not done satisfactorily will be paid by lessee.
  • Final Inspection: The Center’s staff will conduct an inspection of all Center facilities upon departure of the group. Any damages caused shall be billed to the group.
  • Equipment: All checked-out equipment must be returned to the FFA Center Program Director before the group’s departure. Any damaged, misplaced, and lost items will be billed to the group.
  • Facilities/Utensils: The kitchens, dining hall, sleeping units, restrooms, etc., will all be inspected and an inventory of all cooking utensils will be made to determine any lost or damaged.


  • Fishing: This activity is available for your enjoyment (providing your own equipment) with a valid Fishing Permit.
  • Night-Time: All activities are to be completed no later than 11:00 pm.
  • Canoeing/Kayaking: Canoeing and kayaking are available for an extra cost in accordance with the camp regulations. Canoes/Kayaks are available for use by FFA Center participants. Please make arrangements on days you will be using canoes or kayaks.
  • PROGRAM CANCELLATION OR TERMINATION: The FFA Center reserves the right to cancel a program. In the very unlikely event that this would occur, the FFA Center shall refund payments made.
  • SUBCONTRACTORS: Some activities and programs may employ the services of other reputable and professional companies for specific activities. Often, such subcontractors require additional paperwork from our participants. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


  • Drugs/Alcohol: Possession and/or use of alcohol beverages, illegal drugs, un-prescribed drugs, or the misuse of prescription drugs is expressly prohibited. Groups or individuals found in violation of this will be asked to leave the FFA Center immediately and are subject to the laws of the State of South Carolina.
  • Smoking: Smoking is permitted in designated areas only and only when no minors are present. All organizations and individuals are responsible for complying with and enforcing this regulation.
  • Quiet Hours: Quiet Hours are established by the FFA Center Program Director, and shall begin at 11:00 pm and end at 6:00 am. These hours are to be adhered to by all participants, sponsors, and leaders.
  • Dangerous Activities: Accidents are liable to occur and many are attributed to horseplay, rock throwing, running through campsites, climbing trees, and carelessness around fire pits. To avoid them, individual and group discipline should be exercised by the group sponsor and safety practiced in all activities. The group will assume complete responsibility for their own safety and the safety of those in their group. The FFA Center will not be held responsible for accidents of any kind.
  • Campfires: Fires may only be built in the fire-pit established within the Center. There is a high fire danger that can be caused by the dry vegetation by the Center. All fires must not be left burning or smoldering with dirt, please make sure all fires are completely extinguished. Special Notes:
  • CELL PHONES & ELECTRONICS: Camper cell phones are not allowed while participating in FFA Center programs. Additionally, electronics such as iPods, game boys and other valuable item can be lost or damaged, please refrain from allowing your children to bring these items to camp. The FFA Center is not responsible if any electronics are damaged or lost.
  • CONTAGIOUS DISEASE: Please refrain from sending your child to camp with a contagious or infectious disease. The FFA Center will take reasonable precautions or measures to contain or prevent the spread of infectious or contagious diseases.
  • Fireworks Restriction: The use of fireworks is strictly prohibited at the FFA Center. No fireworks shall be used on the FFA Center grounds.
  • Lost and Found: Group leaders are asked to check all occupied areas for any lost and found items. Persons leaving items should arrange to pick them up at the camp’s convenience, or pre-pay postage charges plus a $5.00 service charge to have the lost items located and mailed.

We ask that you respect and care for God’s creations while you are here.

Please do not cut/deface/remove trees or other plants/shrubs.

Please do not litter.

Observe and appreciate wild animals from a distance.

Please try to conserve energy.

All items not specifically mentioned, dealing with “Guidelines Governing the Use of the FFA Center” shall be subject to the interpretation of the FFA Center Staff.

Liability : The lessee agrees to release the SC FFA Center, Clemson University, SC FFA Association and the associated staff from any legal responsibility for accident/injury arising from the use of, or as a result of usage of the SC FFA Leadership Center facilities. Be it fully understood and recognized that there are certain risks involved in camping activities and that the Lessee assumes all liability and responsibility for ALL activities of the user group