Bio-Systems Engineering Technology Pathway

Today's agriculture is changing at a rapid pace.   Where agriculture was once the provider of food, fiber and housing, it now provides so much more.  Today's Agriculture is asked to meet some of the most important challenges of our time.   Biosystems engineers are meeting the demand for energy by converting bio products into fuel.   They are meeting the demands in the food industry by designing manufacturing processes to ensure food is safe from foodborne pathogens.   They are protecting our environment by constructing wetlands to protect aquatic ecosystems.   Biosystems engineers are even involved in the medical field by producing pharmaceuticals, as well as improving methods of rapid detection of pathogens.

Biosystems engineers are employed primarily in the food industry, the largest manufacturing industry in the United States.   Biosystems engineers are also employed by environmental consulting firms and government agencies as well as pharmaceutical companies.   The emerging bioenergy industry is also a large employer of biosystems engineers.

Courses Offered within the Pathway

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